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Taktical Growth Hacks – #65

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – How to Find Your Competitor’s Guest Posts:

One up your competition by revealing where and what they’re guest posting.

Method 1: Use Google search queries. Your starting point for finding competitor guest posts should be Google search. There are several queries you can try, but the most effective is: “Author name” + “guest post” –site: –site:

Method 2: Look for author pages. Technically this is another search query: “Author name” + inurl:author

Method 3: Use reverse image search. You can use Google’s reverse image search (right click an image while using Chrome) to find posts containing the author’s headshot.

Method 4: Use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find content written by a particular author. Just enter the following query: author:“Author name”

Growth Hack #2 – Make a LinkedIn Post Go Viral:

Follow this outline for crafting a LinkedIn post that will blow up:

1) Start the piece by drilling down into the problem and “knife twisting” in a total of eight words.
2) Explain the negative outcomes within the next two lines.
3) Dive into the aha moment.
4) Dive into the sacrifices you needed to make to solve the problem.
5) Describe the steps along the hero’s journey to overcome the problem.
6) Beneficial outcome.
7) Escalate the benefit to give more credibility to the learning.
8) What readers can do if they have similar problems.

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Growth Hack #3 – The 11 PM Rule for Content Creation:

The co-founder of BAMF Media follows the 11 PM rule when it comes to releasing consistent, popular content. Here’s the secret to his success:

Every Monday he sends out two newsletters.

Here’s the problem:

Some Mondays he can’t find a single moment to send out these newsletters until it’s almost midnight.

He could wait and send these newsletters out the next day.

But he doesn’t do that.

Because the easiest way to be memorable is to show up every day.

This is why even when it’s 11 p.m., he’ll still send out these emails.

As a result, this happens:
Sloppy grammar? Check.
Lazy subject line? Check.
Bad spacing? Check.



Source: Josh Fechter

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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #64

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – How to Create Over 1,000 Pieces of Content in One Year:

Co-founder of BAMF Media, Josh Fechter, creates 1,200 pieces of content over the course of 12 months.

Here are 5 tips straight form the content master himself:

1) Look ahead: Great content creators don’t celebrate after a piece of their content gets lots of engagement. Instead, they’re always thinking about the next piece.
2) Test more, test faster: If you don’t test, then you have no experiments, experiences, and processes to document or compare. This requires you to develop a high tolerance to risk.
3) How you got there matters more than the result: Documenting your journey will 10X the engagement of the result. It makes the result better because people can relate to the story of how it happened.
4) Never wait for permission: If you receive a “no” or have to wait for a “yes,” then you’ve lost valuable time to document your process.
5) Let the exposure come to you: Media exposure doesn’t give you much more than another logo to add to your landing page. Quality content will give you media, customers, and build relationships.

Growth Hack #2 – Target Prospects That Didn’t Finish Your Onboarding Process:

A prospect made it through the first several steps of investing their time in required tutorials, but then stopped halfway through.

It’s time to trigger a Facebook ad.

Tools like Driftrock and Autopilot can help using automation.

Here are two types of ads you can use to target them:
1) a video containing the last tutorial they left off on
2) a video hyping up their next onboarding step

Taktical Growth Hacks - toolkit

Growth Hack #3 – The 8 Epic Tools for Email Marketing:

Boost your email marketing with these eight essentials tools:

Scrape Emails:
1) Scrapebox
Build UTMs Faster:
3) Effin Amazing UTM Builder
Find Email Addresses:
4) Elucify
Extract Email from LinkedIn:
5) ContactOut
Send Mass Cold Emails:
6) GMass
7) Mailshake
Avoid Spam Boxes:
8) Clearout

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What Marketers Need to Know About the State of Display Advertising

As the end of 2017 approaches, digital marketers are doing more than running tinsel-bordered Facebook ads and attending office holiday parties.

No, we’re gearing up for 2018 and learning what to expect.

Maybe this includes investigating the best Facebook ads from this year.

Or, brushing up on conversion optimization techniques (yeah, we know how to have fun).

Like any other year, 2018 is going to bring with it new opportunities and strategies for digital marketers.

Similarly, the year will render certain practices and techniques obsolete.

Just look at augmented reality: In the course of just one year, expected spend on AR jumped over 130% from $6.1 billion in 2016 to a predicted $13.7 billion by the end of 2017.

The rise of AR reflects the rapidly shifting nature of digital advertising.

Marketers can best predict and leverage these changes when they know what to expect.

We’re at a time when display ad spend has surpassed search ads, and experts predict total revenue from display ads to reach $108 billion.

Clearly, now more than ever is the time to get acquainted with the current and future conditions of display advertising.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up the information you need to know about the current state of display advertising, and what to expect for 2018 and beyond.

Social Media Advertising Continues Its Rise

When it comes to display advertising, Facebook already overshadows Google for share of ad spend.

Facebook controls 39.1% of ad spend, whereas Google’s allocation is 12.5%.

display advertising - ad spend forecast
Image source:

The steady rise to power of Facebook and other social media advertising platforms is their ability to offer more targeted, relevant, and compelling content to consumers.

They’ve also been aided by the advent of mobile advertising, which has made adoption of these platforms far more widespread and improved their ability to directly boost ROI.

To speak to this, about 90% of marketers believe social media ads can reach people that TV advertisements cannot.

Social media’s appeal is centered around better content, more venues for deployment, and greater data tracking abilities.

This has led to a spending increase of over 60% social media outlets when compared with 2016.

The power of these platforms only continues to grow.

Look out for additional venues for ad content and new ways to reach customer through social media in the future.

Mobile Display Ads Drive Growth

The shift from desktop to mobile ads reached a zenith in late 2016 when mobile ad spend surpassed desktop ads.

That year, it took in 51% of the share of total digital ad spend, an increase of 22% from 2015.

And expectations remain high for mobile ad growth into the future.

display advertising - ad spend YoY

By 2019, researchers are predicting it to reach $156 billion and account for almost 63% of all digital ad spend.

The retail industry alone owns over 23% of total mobile advertising spend, funneling about 67% of its digital ad spend to mobile.

Meanwhile, marketers expect desktop advertising to decline 3%.

This indicates a larger trend of continued reduction moving forward.

Mobile ads, whether mobile internet or in-app, are a way of reaching consumers where they spend a majority of their time: on their phones.

With advertising platforms like Facebook offering mobile features and behaviors as targeting options, it becomes even easier and more effective to reach these users.

For example, Home Depot deployed location targeting in their mobile display ads with Google.

Their intention was to drive customers from their ads to nearby stores.

The results? Over 8X ROI on their mobile ad spend, and 93% of the sales that were made occurred in-store.

In the future, we can expect to see additional targeting options for mobile.

Additionally, these platforms will continue to expand their options for digital marketers to deliver content.

Programmatic Advertising Becomes the Only Option

Gone are the days of having to speak with a human representative or present an RFP to have your ad go live.

Instead, programmatic advertising has allowed digital marketers to leverage software to do the creation, launch, and tracking of ads for them.

display advertising - programmatic ad spend
Image source:

Despite setbacks regarding ad fraud, brand safety, and user security, programmatic advertising is still expected to reach $33 billion by the end of this year.

By 2019, researchers expect this figure to grow so programmatic funnels consume over 84% of total display ad spend.

The trend expands to digital video ads, too, where for the first time marketers purchased over half of digital video advertisements programmatically.

On mobile, this figure is outstanding: Advertisers buy almost 80% of all digital mobile ads in the U.S. programmatically.

For a digital marketing agency, the ability to conduct programmatic advertising means greater efficiency while yielding better results for clients.

With this method, ad testing, optimization, and scaling become far easier.

Programmatic advertising automates the entire advertising process.

Thus, it saves marketers time, money, and the other headaches most often associated with traditional ad buying.

Eventually, we may see the day that programmatic advertising becomes the only option for ad purchasing and deployment.

Display advertising has already outstripped search ads in terms of revenue.

Besides being the more profitable options, display ads offer greater usability, optimization, and versatility to digital marketers.

Keep these above trends in mind for where display ads are heading.

Doing so means you can capitalize on the advantages it offers well into the future.

GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #63

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Growth Hacks:

Taktical Growth Hacks - LinkedIn gif

Growth Hack #1 – Three Bonus Tips for a LinkedIn Boost:

For a quick way to leverage your LinkedIn, try these three tactics:

#1: Drive traffic to a blog post is by using an interesting status of around 800 – 1200 characters, then put the link in the first comment. When the link is in the first comment and not the post itself, it can get 3x more views of the post.

#2: There should be no picture in your post. Picture with post vs. no picture yields 3-5X more views when there isn’t a picture.

#3: Find 100 – 300 of your 1st level connections who get lots of traffic to their profile. Now, give all of them a recommendation. Congrats! You can earn more than three hundred backlinks from their profile to yours, and become a LinkedIn SEO MVP.

Growth Hack #2 – Earn 340K+ Views on Quora:

Quora is the question-and-answer platform that many marketers overlook. But, it can be used to build your email list, earn organic views on posts, drive members to your online community, and so much more.

Before you write the most epic Quora answer, style your content for more engagement:

1. Be human (i.e. use metaphors and similes to describe your emotions)
2. Optimize for mobile (make your paragraphs one or two sentences)
3. Bold your first sentence, important statements, and transitions
4. Remove all extra words, including “very,” “really,” and “that.”
5. Use heavy contrast (i.e. “little did I know it would turn for the worst”)
6. Reflect on pain (i.e. “I could barely crawl out of bed”)
7. Inspire (always end on a positive call to action)
8. Use bullet points and numbering
9. Italicize most questions

That’s what Josh Fechter did to earn over 340K views on this answer.

Source: Josh Fechter

Taktical Growth Hacks - reverse image search

Growth Hack #3 – Earn Backlinks With Reverse Google Image Search:

In just two steps, earn backlinks from other sites that use your website’s images.

1. Go to Google Image Search and click on the little camera icon.

Enter a URL of one of the images of your website and click search.

As you’ll see, there are other websites using this image.

2. Contact the webmaster of the website that are using your image and ask them to link back to you.

It works because it’s your image and they are using it without giving you any link (credit).

Source: Jakub Gorajek

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The 9 Best Facebook Ads of 2017

There’s no denying it’s been a big year for Facebook.

The company earned a record high of $10.3 billion in revenue in Q3 2017, a 47% increase year over year.

Also, Facebook hit over 2 billion monthly active users, and over 1.3 billion daily users.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are over 6 million businesses advertising on Facebook.

Running a Facebook ad campaign is one of the most effective options for PPC marketers. 

There’s the appeal of a massive audience.

The best suite of targeting and analytics tools are at your disposal.

And let’s not forget to mention a Facebook marketing campaign is usually an affordable advertising option (the average CPC in the U.S. for a Facebook ad is just 22 cents).

As with any other digital marketing strategy, there are certain features that will make a Facebook ad a success.

Whether that’s following the ad designs that defined 2017, or sticking to time-tested standards for Facebook ad creation, certain brands have set themselves apart this year.

With some expert insight from Taktical’s Paid Social Account Manager Haley Preininger, we’ve compiled a list of the best Facebook ads of 2017.

We’ll be explaining what these ads did well, and what you can do to optimize your own Facebook advertising strategy for similar success.

So without further ado, here they are: The nine best Facebook ads of 2017.

1. Reformation

best Facebook ads of 2017- Reformation

The power of this ad is in its simplicity: The images are clear and the language is concise.

Considering Facebook recommends an ad headline length of 25 characters and a body text of 90 characters total, the implication is clearly that less is more with Facebook ads.

The language in Reformation’s Facebook ad ad also positions these clothes as exclusive by calling out their frequency of selling out.

This not only elicits a sense of urgency, but also instills a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

And FOMO can be a massive consumer motivator: 68% of millenials are likely to make a purchase as a reaction to FOMO.

2. Swell Bottle

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Swell

Swell’s Instagram ad is successful because of their ability to hone the imagery and copy to capture the attention of millennials.

Half the struggle with any PPC advertising campaign is getting people to stop and click.

Swell uses content that is not conventional to their industry (i.e. using a water bottle for wine rather than water).

As a result, they are able to stand out against the organic content in News Feeds.

This brand capitalized on the basics of a good Instagram ad: good concept, compelling visual, and relatable copy for their target audience. It’s a model that any other Facebook advertiser can emulate, too.

3. Under the Canopy

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Under the Canopy

This Facebook Instant Article ad from Under the Canopy is successful because it reads like an organic article.

Due to the structure of this “article”, and the fact that it lives on the company’s blog on their website, it does not flag like an advertisement in the viewer’s eye.

As a result, this brand achieved 148 purchases and an average CTR of over 2.8% over the course of just one month.

With a CTA of “Learn More”, again the ad emphasizes a less explicit selling objective to the user.

Instead, potential customers get to learn about the brand and the value propositions without the pressure to purchase.

Essentially, it moves the customer through the conversion funnel in a more organic, less pressurized manner.

At the end of the article, link to your products to encourage conversions.

If they do not convert on the first touch, retarget them with an offer via another Facebook ad campaign.

Keep in mind that desktop placement is best for this strategy.

4. Halo Top

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Halo Top

This Halo Top ad on Instagram is successful because it is targeting a specific audience.

Rather than appealing to a general group that values a low calorie snack, Halo Top capitalized on the appeal of losing weight and linking it with the upcoming wedding season.

The first part that makes this ad a success is that the brand has tapped into a pre-existing selling concept: the desire to lose weight.

To complement that, and target their consumer more effectively, Halo Top integrated a relatable wedding theme.

Not only is the copy specific, but also the imagery is relevant to the overall theme.

The more specific you get with targeting, imagery, and copy for your Facebook marketing, the more likely you are to appeal to your highest converting audience.  

5. Chinese Laundry

This Chinese Laundry ad is successful because it appeals to their target demographic: women aged 18-35.

It is formatted as a boomerang, which means this Facebook ad was placed on Instragram Stories.

Not only is this placement ideal for the reaching millennials, but it is also easily disguised as organic content.

Boomerangs are not immediately flagged by viewers as an advertisement, so they are less likely to blindly click through or ignore it.

Before they become aware it is an Instagram ad, they are already compelled by the promotion outlined in the copy.

Disguising your advertisement as organic content via a unique ad format is one of the most successful ways to convert the millennial demographic.

By accomplishing this feat, Chinese Laundry earned 21 purchases, a 3.47% average CTR, and brought cost per content view down to $0.09 in the course of only two days with their Black Friday Facebook marketing campaign.

6. Avingo

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Avingo

What Avingo does well with their Facebook ad touches on multiple different best practices.

First, they’ve utilized an interesting illustration to capture the user’s attention.

Second, the brand takes a traditionally unappealing topic (healthcare), and instead makes it engaging with a fun graphic versus a stock image.

Third, the language is short and to the point within the Facebook ad.

This is another way in which it goes against the standard for healthcare marketing.

Then, Avingo encourages sign-ups by emphasizing how quick the process takes.

Using numbers in Facebook ads is encouraged because it quantifies your value prop.

For industries that are particularly technical or complex, using a number simplifies it for viewers and makes your service or product more relatable.

Achieving Avingo’s success of 184 leads and an almost 4.5% CTR in just over three weeks takes the right mix of simplicity and enticement.

7. Exeq

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Exeq

For apps in particular, it is hard to convey the value proposition of the interface through a Facebook ad.

People want to know what the app looks like without the hassle of installing it.

If people are able to witness what the app experience would be like, they are more likely to download it and explore it further themselves.

With this Instagram ad, Exeq sheds some insight into what their app does and how it looks to users.

They successfully position themselves as a “fun and easy budgeting app” with the bright colors and visually appealing interface that complements the app screens themselves.

A short video or still image of your app can go a long way in convincing users to download it.

This is especially true when paired with compelling copy and eye-catching visuals.

8. que Bottle

best Facebook ads of 2017 - que Bottle

Instagram Stories are a particularly appealing Facebook ad format of late due to the drastic increase in user base and engagement statistics.

Having hit 300 million daily active users in November of this year, Instagram Story ads benefit from reaching the motivated consumer demographic that uses Instagram already.

Done well, and an ad on this platform can achieve success similar to D. Franklin. 

They earned 2.3X ROI and experienced a 21% lower cost per purchase.

The que Bottle ad is perfectly tailored for Instagram Stories.

That is to say it is formatted properly and in an appealing way, is clear and to the point, and doesn’t make the viewer wait too long to reveal what the product is.

Demonstrate the value proposition within the video itself, and don’t just talk about it in the copy.

9. Voodoo Music Festival App

best Facebook ads of 2017 - Voodoo

Again, a Facebook marketing campaign centered around getting app downloads requires providing the user a sneak peek into the UX and UI of the product.

Voodoo’s Facebook ad for the app to accompany their music festival is successful because of their compelling and informative imagery.

The main visual includes the interface of the promoted app.

Also, it has a design overlay that appeals to their target demographic: millennial music festival attendees.

The text on the image serves to strengthen their message since it is on brand (same font and color) and complements the overall design.

Facebook has become more lenient with the amount of text allowed in an image.

Therefore, Facebook advertising agencies should take advantage of this opportunity by adding their call to action directly on an image.

This is where the viewer looks first.

These are the ads that stood out to us in 2017.

Think what you have what it takes to make our list in 2018?

Take some tips from the examples above, then design and launch Facebook ads tailored to your brand and audience.

With a little thought put into design, optimization, and testing, you too can create the best Facebook ads of the year.