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Taktical Growth Hacks – #113

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – How Pinterest Increased Conversions +50% with Just One Experiment:  

When you are as huge as Pinterest, you’re happy when the next A/B test shows even a 0.1% improvement.

Imagine how happy their growth team was when they saw a 50% increase in conversions.

So here’s how they managed to do that:

1. They stopped the user from scrolling (the default action of a Pinterest grid is people scrolling) if they didn’t have an account yet.

2. Instead, they put up a small banner that said, ‘Sign up to see more of this content.’

This experiment alone improved their conversion rate by 50%.


Read more in next week’s Taktical Growth Hacks for Part II of this experiment. . .yes, there’s more!


Growth Hack # 2 – What Drops Conversions by -36% and Increases Them by +96%?:

Unbounce analyzed 2,345,864 exit intent popup views.

They did this by A/B testing two versions:

A: 900x700px popup

B: 800×500px popup.

From this, they uncovered 2 insights:

1. The first version (A) dropped their conversions by 36%.

2. The second (version B) increased them by 96%.

Result: 900x700px popup turned out to be too large for some browsers. As a result, it reduced load/view ratio and overall impressions by 36%.



Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #3 – Two of the Biggest Email Mistakes, Revealed:

Noah Kagan, founder at Sumo (AppSumo) has sent more than 100M emails.


Here are the 2 biggest mistakes he learned:

#1. A couple of years ago, he tested segmentation and spent tons of time and a lot of money doing so. He found that segmentation isn’t worth the effort. Analyzing other data revealed that non-segmented emails generate 3.19 times more revenue than segmented.

#2. Many brands only put a CTA at the end of the email. However, very few people who open that email are going to make it down the page (on average 80% read only the first screen). Placing your CTA at the top of your emails can see around 4 times more conversions.



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Achieve Your Social Media Marketing Goals in 2019: Trends to Watch This Year

Every year, we resolve to do better; to achieve more; to hit higher goals.

And that’s not just for our New Years exercise resolutions.

social media trends - Toy Story GIF

We’re talking about extending the aspirations to our social media marketing strategy.

Setting achievable milestones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is the key to having your best year yet.

Just consider the impact each major platform can make based on these facts:

Whether you’re measuring success by engagement, brand awareness, or actual sales, social media marketing can help you with any and all of these KPIs.

social media trends - platform use
Image source:

But how can you start getting to a new level with your social media strategy?

It all starts with looking at the trends in digital marketing that are expected to define the year.

We’re investigating the latest innovations and themes to watch on social media as you update your advertising strategy for the new year.

We’ll also provide expert tips and tricks to help you leverage each trend.

These are the social media marketing trends of 2019 that you need to know.

Influencers of All Sizes are Reaching Target Audiences on Social Media

Influencers are on the rise across all social media platforms.

Two of the main reasons for the growth of this digital marketing trend are an increase in ad blockers and distrust of traditional branded campaigns.  

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Beyond building trust with and reaching consumers, the additional benefits of influencer marketing are becoming clear.

social media trends - Twitter influencers
Image source:

For example, 40% of Twitter users say they made a purchase as a result of a tweet from an influencer.

Additionally, the engagement boost from a macro-influencer (50K-100K followers) on Instagram is 300%.

For micro-influencers (5K-50K followers), their average branded engagement rate was almost 6%.

social media trends - customer acquisition

And let’s not forget how influencer marketing impacts ROI.

For every $1 spent, marketers are earning an average return of $7.65 with this social media marketing strategy.

It’s no surprise, then, that 67% of marketers are looking to expand their influencer marketing budget.

How to Leverage the Influencer Trend for Your Social Media Marketing in 2019

With benefits ranging from a bottom line boost to benefitting your SEO, influence marketing is one of the latest trends in social media you can’t ignore.

social media trends - Upfluencer

But what’s the best way to connect with influencers in your field?

That’s what influencer marketing tools like Upfluencer and BuzzSumo are for.

These platforms can connect you with influencers on your target platform and industry vertical.

Some things to consider as you get started:

  • What type of influencers will you work with? Macro, micro, and nano are all popular options for different reasons.
  • What platform will you focus on? Twitter and Instagram are the most popular, so consider where your target audience is more likely to spend their time.
  • How will you measure your ROI from this social media marketing strategy? Options include a designated landing page or using combined metrics (e.g. engagement and web traffic) to calculate an earned media value.
social media trends - influencer example
Image source:

Make sure the influencers you partner with understand your product and ethos.

They will be the face of your brand to their followers, so you want their support to be genuine and enthusiastic.

Now is the Time to Tell a Story With Your Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Marketing

The rise of mobile-first social media marketing is perhaps best exemplified in the popularity of the Stories format.

social media trends - Stories DAUs
Image source:

These vertical videos that disappear after a certain duration are gaining traction across Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

On Instagram alone, more than 400 million people use Stories each day.

The more authentic and fleeting nature of this social media trend is what’s attracting users.

Marketers are consequently taking note and exploring Story ads on each platform.

Why Story Ads Matter

Stories are unlikely to be a fleeting trend in digital marketing.

In 2017, their popularity grew 11X when compared with traditional Feed content.

social media trends - Instagram Stories marketing
Image source:

Also, Facebook has made it clear that they are counting on the Stories platform as the future of social media marketing.

The advantages of Story ads for Instagram marketing, especially, are huge.

Companies can experience major boosts to engagement and conversions with this ad format.

social media trends - Conde Nast IG story example
Condé Nast, for example, earned 40% more conversions and a 77% higher CTR with their Stories campaign.

Integrating Stories Into Your Digital Marketing

Currently, the most popular platform for Story ads is Instagram.

To incorporate this strategy into your Instagram marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first is creating a Stories ad that is in line with what makes this one of the biggest social media trends.

social media trends - The Guardian example
Image source:

That means not only following design specs for a Stories ad, but also capturing the raw feel and energy of a Story.

For example, The Guardian discovered that less polished Stories performed better in their Instagram marketing campaign than those that were heavily produced.

Stories also allow brands to showcase their social media marketing content in multiple formats.

Take full advantage of this by incorporating video, text overlay, and interactive elements (e.g. polls).

social media trends - Rothy's example
Image source:

To track your success using Stories in your Instagram or Facebook advertising, consider adding UTMs to Story URLs.

This way, when a user selects the option to “Swipe Up” or follow another CTA, you can track their journey and measure your marketing performance.  

Social Media Marketing Isn’t Just for Product Discovery Anymore

The ways in which people are using social media and why are shifting.

In the past, the emphasis was on sharing interesting content or personal opinions.

social media trends - social media engagement
Image source:

Now, however, there is more interest  in researching, finding, and buying products.

So, there’s a new term for 2019 that every digital marketer should know: social commerce.

Beyond increasing brand awareness and engagement, social media marketing is influencing sales.

According to a recent Sumo survey, 58% of participants said social media directly influences their purchasing decisions.

social media trends - retail site visits
Image source:

This research is supported by the statistics surrounding social shopping.

According to a BI Intelligence report, social commerce revenue grew 24% in 2017 to $6.5 billion.

Of the platforms leading this latest trend in social media, Facebook is the clear winner.

In fact, their Marketplace platform is available in 70 countries and 800 million people use it on a monthly basis.

social media trends - facebook ad purchases

Now more than ever, people are completing purchases after clicking an ad on Facebook.

Across platforms, advertisers can leverage this social media trend to their advantage.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Drives Purchases

One of the first steps to getting consumers to buy from your social media accounts is to set up and promote your products in the right way.

social media trends - Instagram shoppable posts
Image source:

Setting up a shoppable Instagram account is one of the best ways to do this.

Once you launch this account, you can set up product tags.

Then, you can create shoppable posts that let you tag items for users to just click and purchase.

In general, making the purchasing process as easy as possible for your audience is important for success.

social media trends - Facebook Marketplace
Image source:

That means including CTAs like “Shop Now” and taking people directly to specific product pages from your social media ads.

Tapping into this social media trend can translate into a real boost to your bottom line.

Consider the content that resonates the most with your audience, target and tailor it accordingly, and get in front of consumers using the latest tools available.

When you follow best social media marketing practices like these, you can take full advantage of the social commerce trend.

social media trends - success GIF

The Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019 Will Define Your Success

As with any year, there are certain strategies and tools that define the trends in digital marketing in 2019.

And just like any year, it is essential that you stay up to date and integrate these social media trends into your strategy.

Doing so will ensure you achieve your best year yet while keeping ahead of the competition.

It also helps set you up for success in the future.

Not all of the latest trends in social media stick around.

social media trends - achieving goals

However, many are an indication of future shifts.

For example, social media marketing predictions for 2017 included items like “the rise of the social influencer” and “expiring social content”.

Clearly, both of these foreshadow the current popularity of influencer marketing and Stories, respectively.

So, if there’s a lesson to be learned it’s this:

When you leverage the social media marketing trends of 2019, you could also very well be setting yourself up for the years to come.

GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #112

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Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #1 – Emojis Increase Facebook Ad Engagement by 386%:  

Aaron Zakowski, the Facebook ad guru, ran a test to see how he could get more people to click ‘play’ on his Facebook video ads. So, he added some emojis of speakers to get people to click for sound.

Result: The ad with the emoji had 1.7% of viewers click the play button for sound while the version without the emoji only had 0.35% of people click the play button.

That’s an improvement of 386% for the version with the emoji CTA.


Growth Hack # 2 – These 4 Factors are the key to Facebook Video Engagement:

BuzzSumo analyzed the TOP 3,000 most engaging videos on Facebook.

Here‘s what they found:

1. Heavy video interaction does not depend solely on audience size.

2. TOP 3 calls to action:

– 2.1. like our page for more

– 2.2. get the full recipe

– 2.3. like, share and comment

3. Storytelling (Setting + Characters + Conflict + Resolution) is an important element of Facebook videos that people share, like, and comment on.

4. TOP 5 most engaging topics:

– 4.1. Inspiring

– 4.2. Animals

– 4.3. Amusing

– 4.4. DIY

– 4.5. Recipes



Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #3 – Earn 258% More Backlinks With Graphs & Charts:

Neil Patel decided to analyze the types of images he uses in his blog posts that generate the biggest number of backlinks.

Here are the images that he compared:

1. Stock photography

2. Screenshots

3. Hand-drawn images

4. Graphs and charts

5. Infographics

6. Royalty-free images

7. Animated graphics

Result: #4. Graphs and charts received 258% more backlinks than blog posts with other types of images.

Why? Because data and facts are the most valuable. And while infographics also have data, graphs and charts are usually smaller and more focused.



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Small talk

4 Reasons Why You Need to Take AMP Seriously for SEO

It’s no laughing matter.

Your SEO strategy is serious business.

accelerated mobile pages - serious GIF

The digital age has radically transformed how businesses optimize their online presence and get in front of customers.

More and more online users have turned to smartphones and tablets as their primary browsing devices.

This phenomenon is forcing web administrators to rethink their SEO marketing strategies, especially when it comes to optimizing their websites for mobile.

accelerated mobile pages

This is the same reason that led to Google launching the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Project.

So what are accelerated mobile pages, or AMPs?

At their core, they are mobile pages built with custom AMP code that improves site load time and usability.

They operate on their own set of protocols, distinguishing them from traditional web pages.

For example, a basic piece of HTML AMP code looks like this:

accelerated mobile pages - html code

AMPs load 85% faster than other web pages on mobile.

In an era where even a 1-second delay can cost 7% of your conversions, accelerated mobile pages can be the difference between a loss vs. a boost to your bottom line.

The debate now, however, is just how important is this new Google AMP project?

One thing always stands out from this argument: Accelerated mobile pages are bound to disrupt the global online space in an unprecedented way.

In this article, we will look at 3 compelling reasons why you need to take the benefits of AMP for SEO seriously.

1. Mobile-Friendliness is a Crucial Part of the Google Algorithm That Rules SEO

If you want to be visible online and have your SEO strategy succeed, you cannot ignore the people using mobile devices to browse.

accelerated mobile pages - mobile search ad spend
Image source:

Google has, over the last three years, placed a lot of weight on mobile friendliness.

As such, it is now ranking websites on how mobile-optimized they are.

So what does this mean when it comes to AMP pages for SEO?

Multiple market studies have proved that Google accelerated mobile pages rank higher on mobile than any other type of web page.

Bottom Line: AMPs load in microseconds on mobile browsers.

Essentially, there is no better way of increasing your site’s mobile-friendliness and to start enjoying AMP SEO benefits.

accelerated mobile pages - Oprah GIF

Incorporating Google AMP into your online platform is a sure-fire way of impressing mobile users – and Google for that matter.

2. Google AMP Increase Your Websites’ Conversion Rates

More than 70% of all searches on Google today come from mobile browsers.

accelerated mobile pages - traffic by device
Image source:

Of these, 50% are likely to quit your website if it loads for more than 2 seconds.

Let’s put this again into the terms of AMP SEO benefits.

Google accelerated mobile pages load in less than a second, meaning you stand a chance of retaining all of your mobile visitors.

Dwell time and bounce rate are both factors in SEO rankings.

In one accelerated mobile pages case study of plista, average CTR increased over 220%.

Meanwhile, saw a decrease of 30% in their bounce rate and that same percentage increase in dwell time when they switched their mobile pages over to Google AMPs.

Bottom Line: Remember that the more traffic you get and retain, the higher your chances of making new business leads.

Combining all these increments, it is true to say that AMP SEO benefits extend to boosting your bottom line.

By adding accelerated mobile pages by Google to your web content, it is a guaranteed way of increasing your overall conversion rates.

accelerated mobile pages - Carved
Image source:

One case study that proves this is Carved.

Using AMPs first for their acquisition channels, they were able to boost conversion rates 75%

3. The Future of Accelerated Mobile Pages and SEO is Looking Up

It’s always been the case that early tech adopters stand a better chance of positioning themselves within their niche as compared to their direct competitors.

The AMP project has been around for only three years.

accelerated mobile pages - AMP and SEO
Image source:

However, in that short time, it has shaken the global online space and altered SEO best practices.

If this trend is anything to go by, the future benefits of AMP and SEO will continue to get brighter.

Back in 2016, web admins were skeptical about web pages without the revenue-generating ad pop-ups at the beginning.

It was also too soon to see the connection between an AMP and SEO.

Bottom Line: It is now clear that loading speed has a bigger impact on rankings and online revenue than all other factors combined.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages Now Feature Stories

Business owners once thought that accelerated mobile pages from Google were only applicable in news-related websites.

The reasoning behind this was that mobile users wanted a platform where they would read the news online and then leave without necessarily interacting further with that platform.

However, this is no longer the case.

The emergence of AMP stories has caught the eye of many businesses.

accelerated mobile pages - Medium

This format offers immersive, full-screen content that provides more compelling storytelling opportunities.

Brands can use rich, visual content and tappable interactions to keep readers engaged.

For example, Mashable created an AMP Story as a guide to Black Panther.

Their immersive, tappable content features video, text, and audio for an enriching experience.

Businesses such as Ztorie, have gone a step further in offering a tool which helps businesses create stories for their portfolios.  

Bottom Line: AMP Stories are the latest and greatest way to capture visitor attention and keep it.

This feature will further emphasize the effectiveness of AMP pages for SEO and brands’ bottom lines.

Wrapping Up: Why Google AMPs Matter for Your SEO Strategy Now and Later

Soon, very few people will ask “What is accelerated mobile pages?”

They will become the standard for web pages, so the knowledge of AMPs will be widespread.

However, the full potential of this project is yet to be realized.

accelerated mobile pages - AMP logo
Image source:

If you don’t explore what AMP can do for your SEO strategy now, you may have a lot of catching up to do when your competitors run away with nearly all of your online prospective customers.

The significance of Google accelerated mobile pages in online business cannot be overemphasized.

It is incumbent upon you to explore the opportunities and AMP SEO benefits that this tool provides.

One way to do so is to employ all the legitimate tools available to create Google AMP stories for your website.

Another is to to follow a few best practices laid out by experts in the field.

For example, there’s this guide to SEO strategies from

Overall, be sure to create compelling content for your audience, engage them productively on your site, and work on your SEO strategy.

This way, the traffic that you get from your accelerated mobile pages can convert easily to loyal customers.

GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #111

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Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #1 – The TOP 5 Phrases that Gained the Most Facebook Engagement:  

Headlines can significantly boost your conversions, decrease cost per acquisition, and increase revenue. Buzzsumo analyzed 100M headlines to determine the top 5 three-word phrases that gained the most Facebook engagements(likes, shares, comments).

TOP 5 three-word phrases inside headlines:

#1. will make you: 8,961 average Facebook engagements

#2. this is why: 4,099

#3. can we guess: 3,199

#4. only [number] in: 2,398

#5. the reason is: 1,610

TOP 5 phrases starting headlines:

#1. [number] reasons why: 5,121

#2. [number] things you: 4,690

#3. This is what: 4,107

#4. This is the: 3,150

#5. This is how: 2,784

Happy A/B testing!



Growth Hack # 2 – Create Content That Earns 9X More Leads:

Neil Patel‘s team wanted to compare long-form content (over 1000 words) to short-form and see what drives shares and leads.

They wrote short-form and long-form articles for their blog and email subscribers. Then they compared results.

Here they are:

3 times more Shares for long-form content compared to short-form.

8 times more Page Views received from long-form content.

9 times more Leads generated from long-form content.



Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #3 – 2.91X More Shares From Free Blog Posts:

The Curata team created 24 blog posts, using 3 different sources:

1. Internal resource (staff)

2. Agency/Freelancer

3. Guest blogger

Here‘s how many social shares on average each source got:

1. Internal resource (staff): ~110 shares per blog post

2. Agency/Freelancer: ~250 shares per blog post (2.27 times more)

3. Guest blogger: ~320/blog post (2.91 times more shares)

Looks like typical research until you understand that:

1. Guest posts placed on your blog cost you 0 dollars.

2. Guest posts placed on your blog cost you 0 time spent on creating them.

3. It means they drive traffic to your blog for free.

4. And as a bonus they get 2.91 times more shares (probably because the author also promotes his/her blog post).



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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #110

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Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #1 – Use GIFS to Spruce Up Bland Facebook Ads:  

GIFs are the hottest thing in Facebook ads right now. They’re easier to create than live action video but more engaging than static photos.

Autopilot decided to test this by introducing GIFs into their ad s.

Result: Not only did the GIF ad drive the highest volume of free trial signups, it outperformed their average cost per lead by 37%.

Here’s the exact ad they utilized:

Check out the instructions on how to create your ads with GIFs on Facebook


Growth Hack # 2 – 240% More Conversions by Optimizing Old Blog Posts:

Guys from Hubspot noticed that most of their old blog posts converted into email leads very poorly.

Here is what they did to fix that (you can do the same on Google Analytics):

1. Ordered their most popular blog posts (URLs) by the conversion rate (into emails).

2. For each URL they looked through specific keywords people were using to find a post.

3. Optimized CTAs to fit the most popular keyword. For example, for their article “How to Write a Press Release” the most popular google keyword was “press release template.” They created a CTA “Download press release templates”.

After the change, their conversions into emails increased by 240%.



Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #3 – Tap Into the Audience Making 85% of Purchasing Decisions:

According to a study by SimpleRelevance:

1. Women make 85% of all consumer purchases.

2. 91% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them.

This means, even if you sell consumer products for men, women are those who actually buy them. Thus, women are who you need to market to and convince.

Here’s more detailed data by industry:

1. Cars: 65% of purchasing decisions are made by women.

2. Computers: 66%

3. Healthcare: 80%

4. Bank accounts: 89%

5. New homes: 91%

6. Vacations: 92%

7. OTC Medicines: 93%

8. Food/Groceries: 93%



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