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Taktical Growth Hacks -#120

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – Secret Ad Targeting to Boost Opt-in Rates +181%:  

Periscopix used a smart targeting option that boosted their opt-in rate by 181%. 


Have you heard of Gmail Ads? The Gmail ad looks like a regular email at the top of your inbox. It means your ad targets people actively using email now – this is why it converts better into opt-ins.

How to activate this secret targeting?

1. When choosing how to target your ads,,click on “Use a different targeting method”.

2. Choose “Placements”.

3. Search for Gmail and you’ll see it in the list.

4. Add “” from the list that populates.

5. Once you confirm the campaign, you’ll need to hit Ads -> + AD -> Ad gallery.

6. Choose Gmail Ads and fill in all fields.

P.S. Remember to confirm that your ad is formatted for the smaller screen and loads quickly, because 75% of Gmail users access their accounts from their mobile device.



Growth Hack # 2 – Show the Ugly Side of Your Product for 15% More Sales:

Imagine you have a product/service and you want to boost its sales as fast as possible with no budget. Dan Ariely shared an interesting method called “the ugly brother effect” that is able to boost your sales by 15%

How does it work?

It‘s as simple as to add a slightly “uglier” (less valuable, less beautiful for the same price) version of your main product/service. Bart Schutz from Online Dialogue ran a lot of experiments on it, and they regularly found growth effect averaging around 15%.



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Growth Hack #3 – You’re Losing 18% of Sales!:

Nowadays, over 50% of people access your website from mobile devices (you know it). Imagine your customer inputs their credit card number on their mobile device. It’s very easy to make a typo using that small keyboard.

But for you, every typo results in lost profitsWhat if you could make the keyboard 521% larger?

It’s possible for numeric inputs such as credit card numbers. Have a look at the difference in the picture above.

We’ve noticed that some websites show this big keyboard. It’s 5 times easier to input confirmation codes or credit card numbers using this larger keyboard.

Here’s how to make it happen: All you need to do is make just one small change in your HTML: <input type=”number”>


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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #119

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – The Magic Word to Use in Headlines for +110% Conversions:  

Paul Olyslager ran a few A/B tests on headline copywriting. He uncovered one word that boosted his conversions by up to +110%.

First he A/B tested a headline for a list of books:

Original: Recommended books 

– Variation 1: My book collection (-43%)

– Variation 2: Most popular books (-19.1%)

– Variation 3: Favorite UX books (-7%)

– Variation 4: Popular UX books (+7.8%)

Then he A/B tested a headline for a list of articles:

Original: Trending stories

– Variation 1: Most popular articles (-27.7%)

– Variation 2: Popular this month (-11.4%)

– Variation 3: Most popular stories (+5.5%)

– Variation 4: Popular articles (+110.6%)

Looks like word “popular” (without “most”) has some magic.



Growth Hack # 2 – Reduce Bounce Rate 40% By Boosting Mobile Web Speed 3X:

Some quick facts that contribute to your site’s bounce rate:

1. About 40% of people will abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

2. 71% of the time people spend online in the US is on mobile devices (91% in Indonesia).

It means: If your mobile webpage loads too slow, you lose 28.4% – 36.4% of people. They don‘t even see your page, and therefore don‘t buy from you.

Also when so many people bounce, Google decreases your rank in search results. As a result, you lose even more.

How can you boost the speed of your mobile website? Google has an open-source initiative that cuts down mobile webpage load time by up to 3X. The initiative is called the AMP Project.

Tell your developers about it.



Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #3 – You’re Losing 18% of Sales!:

A study reveals that 18% of users have abandoned a checkout flow during the last 3 months. The reason? They “didn’t trust the site with their credit card information”.

Adding a “security” badge to your site may help alleviate that concern.

Above are a few of the best options available for badges, which can inform your decision on which payment security software to pursue.



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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #118

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Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #1 – Be #1 On Google in 10 Minutes:  

Seem too good to be true? It’s not. Here‘s the hack:

– You need SEMrush for this.

– Go to “Organic Search” – “Positions”.

– Input into the search field.

– Scroll down to “Organic search positions” and add 3 filters:

1) Include + Keyword + Containing + YOUR_KEYWORD

2) Include + Pos. + Less than + 10

3) Include + Volume + Greater than + 1005. Hit “Apply”.

– Scroll down to the keywords.

– There you’ll find a list of keywords where Quora is ranked on page #1 of Google.

– Open each URL and add your awesome, super valuable answer with a link to your website.

Boom! Your answer is instantly on page #1 of Google.



Growth Hack # 2 – 80% Increase in FB Video Engagement With a Surprising Format:

Buffer ran an interesting study and found out what type of video:

1. Resulted in 30-35% higher video views.

2. Resulted in an 80-100% increase in engagement.

3. Costs 7.5% – 33% less.

So, what is it?

It’s a square video (1:1)!

– Square videos resulted in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement.

– It costs 7.5% less to get someone to engage with square videos on Facebook.

– It costs 33% less to get someone to engage with square videos on Instagram.



Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #3 – 5X Google CTR Using Customer Reviews:

The average AdWords click-through rate across all industries peaks at 1.91% for search ads, and 0.35% for display ads. But, an AdWords ad that includes a customer review extension sees an increased click-through of up to 10%.

Those ratings show up in Ads automatically when a review threshold is met.

This threshold includes:

– 30 unique reviews over the last 12 months

– Reviews must average at least 3.5 stars or higher



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How To Guides

5 Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

What is the first thing customers browsing Amazon look for?

The product listing!

It’s kind of a no-brainer why an Amazon product listing is so crucial.

Nearly half of Americans (46.7%) start their product search on Amazon.

optimize amazon listing - shop online GIF

And what’s more helpful when shopping online than a product listing?

So if you’re already selling products on Amazon, you should know that having the best possible product listing is critical for success.

This means understanding how to optimize your Amazon listing.

Amazon listing optimization comes down to two main areas: optimizing for Amazon SEO, and optimizing for conversions.

optimize amazon listing - example product listing
Image source:

The first of these is important to rank your products on Amazon, and therefore bring visitors to your listing.

The second Amazon optimization technique is essential for turning those visitors to actual sales.

If you are able to do both, well you’ve basically discovered the recipe for the secret sauce of Amazon marketing success.

Learning how to optimize an Amazon listing is by no means easy.

However, by following certain tactics you will be able to optimize your product listing in both respects.

optimize Amazon listing

These top 5 tips to optimize an Amazon product listing will help you to increase sales and grow your Amazon business exponentially.

They include focusing on copy and title, using keywords, optimizing for mobile, and using digital marketing to complement your Amazon listing optimization efforts.

Have Strong Copy When Selling Products on Amazon

The great thing about Amazon listing optimization is that even though you have two main areas to worry about, they both essentially come back to the same thing: making sales!

One of the key areas that Amazon’s algorithm looks for when ranking products is a strong sales record.

This makes sense when you consider that they make money from your listing when you make sales.

optimize amazon listing - make money GIF

So, they want to promote products which are most likely to sell.

Therefore, boosting sales conversions also helps your SEO on Amazon.

In turn this helps you to make more sales – it’s a win, win, win!

One of the most important areas of Amazon optimization for increasing conversions and pushing sales is your listing’s copy.

optimize amazon listing - jungle stix example

You must make sure you have copy that sells, from your product description and bullet points to the listing title.

Use persuasive wording and employ sales tactics throughout your copy to maximize conversion rates.

optimize amazon listing - jungle stix example 2

To get started, you can use an Amazon product listing template.

Create an Eye-Catching and Optimized Amazon Product Listing Title

Your product’s title is one of the most important parts of the listing.

The three top factors influencing a customer’s decision to buy on Amazon are:

  • Product title
  • Price
  • Images

A strong title will encourage the user to click through, so that the rest of the listing can do its work.

optimize amazon listing - product titles

For SEO purposes when selling products on Amazon, you want to make sure that your product title contains as many keywords as possible.

Select those with the highest search volumes that are most relevant to your product.

Having relevant keywords will assist with conversions, too .

When you optimize your Amazon listing with the right keywords, they tell your customers that your product is what they are looking for.

However, for this Amazon optimization tactic to work, you want to avoid keyword “stuffing”.

Essentially, this refers to overcrowding your title with a jumble of keywords which don’t make sense.

So, balance is key.

optimize amazon listing - procase example

Other important factors to include in your Amazon product listing title are:

  • Mention the brand of your product (especially if it is your own brand)
  • Keep to the Amazon limit of characters, which was 200 characters or less at time of writing
  • Use pipes and dashes to break up keywords and improve readability
  • Have persuasive text which will “win the click”

Amazon Optimization Relies on Strategic Use of Keywords

Just like when trying to rank a website on Google, ranking an Amazon product listing comes down to the keywords.

It’s not the only factor for Amazon listing optimization success, but it is one of the main ones.

The keywords which you want to include in your listing are the all the words relevant to your product and that have high search volumes on Amazon.

optimize amazon listing - viral launch
Image source:

Amazon keyword research tools like Viral Launch and Helium10 can help you to find out what these keywords are.

You can even use them to spy on Amazon competitors and determine what your rivals are ranking for.

Once research is complete, it’s time to optimize your Amazon listing with them.

Include as many of these in your product listing – specifically in the product title and bullet points.

optimize amazon listing - keyword search

Let’s say you run keyword research on the general term, “water bottle”.

A quick search on Amazon for the same search term yields these top results for products:

optimize amazon listing - water bottle titles

Notice how many include some of these top keywords.

If you click into the first result (Simple Modern), you’ll notice these top keywords scattered throughout the bullet points below the title.

optimize amazon listing - simple modern example

The same can be said for their product description section, which targets even more long-tail keywords for a fully optimized Amazon product listing.

Keep in mind that like Google keywords, you need to continue to track and monitor your keyword positions on Amazon.

Things can shift quickly when it comes to Amazon optimization as customer search preferences change.

Use you research tool to regularly track keyword positions and adjust your listings as necessary.

optimize amazon listing - mobile optimization gif

Optimize Your Amazon Listing For Mobile

Don’t forget about the power of mobile devices!

Since 2015, more people have been shopping on Amazon using a smartphone compared to desktop.

These percentages have only continued to skew even more to mobile in the past few years.

This means that when you optimize your Amazon listing, you need to consider not just what it looks like on a laptop or PC, but also on a tablet or smartphone screen.

optimize amazon listing - cross platform listing
Image source:

Because you will be creating and editing your listing on a computer, be sure to always preview changes on mobile before committing to them.

Check for how the images translate, layout, how the copy reads on the smaller screen, and the overall look.

Drive Organic Traffic To Your Optimized Amazon Listing With Marketing

Organic traffic is also a part of this picture because it influences both Amazon rankings and sales conversions.

Bringing traffic to your listing has obvious benefits for your ROI as the more people who visit, the higher the chance they’ll make a purchase.

optimize amazon listing - attract customers gif

Organic traffic is also one of the Amazon optimization factors that the e-commerce site looks for when ranking your product.

Advertising on Amazon can be highly effective in bringing more traffic to your listing, though it does require some investment.

You can also promote your products outside of Amazon to bring yet more organic traffic to your listing.

A cross-platform strategy can be just as effective for Amazon as with any other platform.

optimize amazon listing - global digital usage
Image source:

Social media remains one of the biggest digital marketing tools around, and this is not showing signs of changing anytime soon.

With 42% of the global population actively using social media, it’s clearly an influential place for marketers.

By establishing a social media presence for your business, you can gain an organic following through posting great content.

optimize amazon listing - facebook to amazon ad
Image source:

Then, you can run ads or create organic posts that directly send your followers to your Amazon product listings.

What to Do Now That You Know How to Optimize an Amazon Listing

As with any marketing campaign, constant performance tracking and tweaking is key.

Even if you follow the best Amazon listing optimization techniques to the T, you need to adjust for your specific business.

optimize amazon listing - buy online

Often, these adjustments will need to be made over time as your business grows, your audience changes, and how customers shop on Amazon continues to shift.

In general, though, applying these tactics above to optimize your Amazon listings will lead to significant improvement in the number of visitors to your listings.

As a result, you can expect the proportion of visitors who make a purchase to increase.

For your business, this means more sales, more revenue, and more success!

About the author:

Tom Buckland is the founder of Amazon SEO Consultant & HQ SEO – An organic marketing agency helping businesses grow through the Amazon channel.

GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks -#117

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – One Simple Headline Change, 217% Increase in CTR:  

Low CTRs, low conversions, and low ROI can sometimes be fixed by one small change in your headline.

This magical change is. . .

Include exact numbers!

Here are the examples:

A/B test #1:

A. The 1st ever public library of tested marketing strategies online.

B. 10 patented strategic guides. 1500+ proven tests.  Free access.

B generated an 88% increase in CTR.

A/B test #2:

A. Local Tax Preparation – Quality Tax Preparation Services.

B. Local Tax Preparation – $45,325 Saved in January.

#B saw a 217% increase in CTR.



Growth Hack # 2 – 562% ROI With Just One Method:

This jaw-dropping method helped a company achieve a 562% ROI. The same method also helped Trump win.

After applying the OCEAN method a company saw a 130% improvement in sales, with an ROI of 562%.


1. They analyzed who their customers are, but not as you think.

2. They described them through the OCEAN method (developed by Cambridge University).

The OCEAN is the acronym of the big 5 personality traits:

O. Openness to experience

C. Conscientiousness

E. Extroversion

A. Agreeableness

N. Neuroticism

3. They created 20 ads to appeal to different personality traits.

Did you know that Trump‘s team used the OCEAN model to the extreme? They analyzed every US adult through the OCEAN model. Then, they created super targeted ads based on personal fears, weaknesses, hopes, and values.​​​​



Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #3 – Have Customers Reduce Your Bounce Rate By 1.5%:

Lucid noticed that 3% of their new subscribed emails bounce. That means they were losing 3% of their customers due to misspelled emails being entered.

They were able to win back 54% of these lost customers. How?

1. They added an automated email verification before signing up.

(NeverBounce is one example of an automated email verifier you can use)

2. When a user enters the wrong email address, the system asks them to correct it.

Result: 54% of the users who saw the warning successfully corrected their email to a valid one.



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