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Taktical Growth Hacks – #147

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Growth Hack #1 – 300% More Shares With 1 Simple Change:

Winnie – an app for parents – had a Share button on every post, but not too many people used it.

Then they made one change and saw a 300% boost in shares.

What did they do?

1. They removed the Share button from every post.
2. Instead, they replaced it with a Save button, so that users could create their own collection of interesting posts.
3. Then they added the Share button on the collection of bookmarked posts.

Boom! +300% more shares.



Growth Hack #2 – 48% More Instagram Video Views From IGTV:

People are still way too hesitant to move their IGTV preview into the feed.

True: It is not that great looking. But, Instagram favors IGTV in the feed.

So, when you tick the box for preview, your video will earn maximum traction.

We have lately seen up to 48% more views on videos that were posted to IGTV than similar videos posted to the feed.

We have also seen more engagement from these videos that are on IGTV.

Pro tip: You should use IGTV and the preview function no matter what. But, if you don’t want it to mess up the look of your feed, then you do have the option to only keep it there for the first 12h.

Source: This growth hack was sent by fellow subscriber, Cordula Pflügl, from @africanbushcamps. Thanks, Cordula! Don’t forget to send in your own growth hack for the chance to be featured in a future issue.


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Growth Hack #3 – 2 Words that Decrease CPC by 2 Times:

Would you like to decrease your cost per conversion by 2.58 times? Of course you do!

This is exactly what AdEspresso managed to achieve with just 2 words while A/B testing tons of ads.

What are these 2 words?

Have a look at the 2 A/B tests in the image above.

Did you notice those 2 powerful words?

They are: “Free ebook”.

Creating less distraction and maximizing focus on these 2 words always generated huge improvements for them.



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Essential Tips for Creating a Great Content Marketing Plan (+ Infographic)

What defines content marketing?

Well, what it means is pretty much right in the name.

But essentially, content marketing is a strategy that focuses on the curation of material on the internet. 

This can include blogs, social media posts, and even videos. 

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The major aim of content marketing strategies is to create interest in the services or products provided by a brand. 

It is an important skill to master in order to grow your brand in 2019 – and beyond. 

Statistics already show that 91% of marketers use content when developing a marketing plan to create inbound leads.

But let’s dive deeper into what a content strategy is and how to build an effective one of your own.

We’ll provide key content marketing tips.

We’ll also take a look at some statistics and facts around content.

Here are the essential tips, ideas, and facts you need to help develop an effective and holistic marketing plan.

Key Components of a Content Marketing Plan

Even though a lot of people already use it, content marketing can be a very difficult task to excel in without the proper information. 

In 2018, only one out of five marketers knew how to create a content marketing plan and the best way to run it. 

content marketing plan challenges
Image source:

There are so many factors that have to come together to develop an effective content marketing campaign that yields desirable results. 

The backbone of it all is effective communication and documentation. 

When this is done efficiently, the information collected will guide you on the fundamental aspects of developing a great content marketing plan.

Quality Content

Quality content is a vital part of all forms of marketing – and content marketing is no exception.

What you put out there can go a long way in determining your reach and how effective your strategy will be. 

Creating and sharing the right content to the right audience can increase your inbound leads and traffic. 

typewriter symbol for content marketing plan

The right content varies depending on the demographics of the audience you are reaching out to. 

The mode of delivery, no matter the quality, is also an important factor to consider for content marketing strategies.

Some messages are more effective on one platform than another.

Content Production Method

The method in which marketers produce content tends to be overlooked.

In fact, it is often wrongly considered to be an unimportant aspect. 

The thing is, your preferred content production method can have an effect on your output. 

This, clearly, can then impact the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

content marketing plan graphic

About 92% of companies prefer to create their content internally. 

This statistic proves it is an effective way to generate content.

Additionally, companies assign on average about 10% of their entire marketing budget to content marketing. 

However, outsourcing your content is another option worth exploring, especially if your company’s bandwidth is strained.

Sometimes, relying on experts who know exactly what a content strategy is and how to develop a marketing plan that integrates it in the best way possible can be a great option.

Trends in the Industry

In the marketing industry, trends are known to change quickly and frequently. 

This not only affects your operations, but also your content marketing plan.

That’s because it is essential to produce content that is relevant to the time. 

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For example, the number of people that use voice assistants for searches has increased in recent years, with a higher percentage of younger people using it. 

So if you develop a content marketing plan that leverages this information, you can generate more attention for your brand.

What’s Your Content Marketing Plan?

The content marketing industry is on the rise and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

Statistics show an annual growth rate of about 16% from 2016 to 2021. 

It is a necessary tool you need to grow your business in 2019 and beyond. 

There are many more great suggestions available to help increase your website ranking and help you reach out to a wider audience. 

These are just a few content marketing tips to help you get started.

See the infographic below for even more information and strategies that can help you decide what your content strategy is and how to execute it. 

content marketing plan infographic


GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #146

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Growth Hack #1 – The Instagram Linking Loophole You Should Know:

On Instagram, if you haven’t reached the 10K follower mark, the only place to insert a link until recently was your bio. By adding another step to the process of users clicking through, this can be a big problem when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

But, here’s the good news:

You can add a fully clickable link into your IGTV video description!

You can even place more than one link, and tag it with a UTM to see if it’s coming specifically from IGTV.

Too few people are using this feature yet. So, it’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of it.

Source: This growth hack was sent by fellow subscriber, Cordula Pflügl, from @africanbushcamps. Thanks, Cordula! Don’t forget to send in your own growth hack for the chance to be featured in a future issue.


Growth Hack #2 – The One Quality 77% of People Want in Customer Service:

77% of customers say this is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service:

According to a recent Forrester Consulting study, 77% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service.



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Growth Hack #3 – Case Study: +178% More Repeat Business:

Researchers handed out loyalty cards at a car wash. The cards offered a stamp for every car wash the customer bought.

Half of the cards had spots for eight stamps, with a free car wash offered for collecting all eight. The other half had spots for ten stamps, but two of the spots came pre-stamped (oooooooo vs ooooooooXX).

The result?

The pre-stamped cards resulted in 178% more repeat business than the unstamped ones.



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The Absolute Worst Facebook Ads of 2019

We’ve all seen them: The Facebook ad so bad, it brought tears to your eyes.

Sadly, this unfortunate occurrence is often more than once-in-a-lifetime.

There are more than 6 million businesses advertising on Facebook each month.

As you can imagine, this means there’s plenty of opportunity for the good, the bad, and the ugly of Facebook ad examples.

digital marketing channels
Image source:

Instead of pitying the poor digital marketers that run such cringy Facebook posts, use them as examples of how to improve your own ad strategy.

We’ll show examples of what the worst ads of 2019 look like (prepare the tissues).

We’ll also tell you exactly where they went wrong and provide tips for how to advertise on Facebook the right way.

With an average conversion rate of over 9% across industries, it’s no surprise every social media marketer is trying to get a slice of the Facebook ad pie.

Here’s how to achieve conversions and boost your bottom line by learning from the worst internet ad examples of 2019.

Exhibit A: The Worst Ads on Facebook Don’t Have a CTA

Every Facebook ad has a goal of conversions.

Whether that’s measured in engagement (i.e. likes), app downloads, or purchases, a successful advertisement includes a clear CTA and callout within its copy.

worst ads of 2019 - PPI Check Me

PPI Check Me missed the mark with their Facebook ad, which has no discernible CTA at all.

The only option in this example appears to be to follow the link that is listed in a light (indiscernible, in our opinion) grey below the ad copy.

When you launch your strategy, be sure your copy directs users to a clear call-to-action.

Include the CTA button directly within the ad, and use your text to include a callout of the product or service that will compel people to convert.

Exhibit B: Failure to Hook the Customer

There are certain psychological principles that govern the success of a Facebook ad.

Color psychology is one such example.

You can use color to elicit certain emotions, grab visitor attention, and more.

color psychology in the worst ads of 2019

Check out this comparison.

On the left, 17hats shows what happens when design misses the mark with this example of one of the worst ads of 2019.

Despite using compelling copy, the ad fails to compel users to even click through because of its monochromatic appearance and generic stock image.

The fact is, 85% of people will make a purchase decision based primarily on color.

You need to draw people in that are both aware of your brand and those that are not with bright and bold graphics.

Try using this ad color guide from Wishpond and A/B testing what works best for your brand’s Facebook ad strategy.

Always, though, include an eye-catching, colorful image that gets the attention of both new and current customers.

Exhibit C: The Worst Advertisements Ever Fail to Build Value

Before someone will take action on a Facebook ad, they need to feel that doing so will provide some kind of benefit to them.

The value can be tangible, like a promotion offering a coupon code of 25% off.

It can also come from solving a customer problem or pain point.

However you build value, make it explicit when launching your Facebook ad strategy.

worst ads of 2019 - Freshdesk

Freshdesk gets close to providing that value with their visual and copy that emphasizes the software’s convenience.

It’s clear that their software is for customer support, but they are in this list of the worst ads of 2019 because they fail to explain what the offer even is.

The questions you need to answer in your Facebook ad strategy are: Why should someone be interested in your offer and what even is your offer?

Connect the dots for your customers in the headline, sub-headline, and caption so they know the value.

Exhibit D: Your Facebook Ad Has Too Much Text

Good Facebook ad copy should be short and sweet.

And this applies to not only the headline and link description, but to the text on your ad image, too.

Facebook prefers ads that have little-to-no image text.

Once you start adding more, there is a risk your ad will get shown to fewer audiences.

And that’s exactly what happened with this next ad.

Unbounce example

Unbounce is the unfortunate ad example of choice here.

Their ad doesn’t necessarily seem like it belongs among the cringiest Facebook posts at first glance.

But, Facebook rated their image:text ratio as too high.

Why is that?

Well, their ad image is essentially all text on a monochromatic background.

The one image present – the book – also contains text.

So how can you avoid landing on a list of the worst internet ads for a mistake like this?

Facebook has a handy tool that checks the amount of text in your ad and rates it on a scale from low to high.

This can help you see if your ad will reach too few people, and adjust it if that’s the issue.

Exhibit E: The Worst Ads of 2019 Have Too Much of Everything

We’ve already seen what too much text looks like.

How about too many visuals, text, and seemingly every other bad practice, too?

worst ads of 2019 - Mike Warren

Mike Warren’s Facebook advertisement suffers from too much copy, an overwhelming visual, and no clear CTA.

These faults all make it one of the worst advertisements ever, in our opinion.

It’s basically a digital billboard.

Consider that recent research has proven shorter posts are more effective.

optimal number of characters in Facebook posts
Image source: 

The downfall of many of the cringiest Facebook posts is that they overdo their content to the point of being overwhelming.

Keep all of the content of your Facebook ads concise.

This will encourage people not only to read the whole thing, but also to click through and learn more or shop.

They’ll feel an urge to know more details because your Facebook ad left out enough to intrigue them.

Exhibit F: A Facebook Ad Example of Visuals Gone Awry

Any successful Facebook ad strategy incorporates a graphic (i.e. video, static image, carousel) that grabs the user’s attention.

Besides being eye-catching, the visual should also relate to the brand or promotion.

This probably isn’t news to you.

However, we’re emphasizing it because the image really is that important.

One of the worst things you can do is create a Facebook ad that has a blurry, indecipherable, or messed up image. 

Half Moon Yoga example

The ad above from Half Moon Yoga demonstrates what the worst ads of 2019 can look like from a visual standpoint.

The blurry image is difficult to read and fails to catch the viewer’s attention thanks to its transparent filter and lack of color.

Both of these qualities make the image itself entirely ineffective while taking attention away from the goal of the advertisement as a whole.

Don’t fall into the trap of a poorly-conceived ad image.

Instead, include a visual aid that supports the objective of your Facebook ad strategy.

Additionally, make sure it is a high-quality image devoid of too many additional details, like this rainy photo.

How the Worst Ads of 2019 Make Yours Better

Creating good ads is also about knowing what the worst ads on Facebook in 2019 look like.

Start by avoiding the mistakes by the brands above and taking into account our suggestions for improving a Facebook ad strategy.
Do it right, and you might just find yourself on the list of the best Facebook ad examples of the year.


GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #145

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Growth Hack #1 – Replace One Word to Get 90% More Clicks:

Buttons that are written in the first person experience a 90 percent increase in clicks.

Just use the word “my” instead of “your”.

Here’s it in action:

“Start my free 30 day trial” instead of “Start your free 30 day trial”.



Growth Hack #2 – 35% Higher Conversions With a Chatbot:

Anyone who’s ever built a landing page knows how hard it is to convert mobile traffic –especially from Facebook Ads.

Dimitry Kagan managed to double his conversions by switching from landing pages to a chatbot.

Here’s how:

1. First he tested out a “Messages to Page” campaign and it went pretty well! A Customer Service Rep chatted with people and converted them.

2. Then he turned the highest converting flow into a script to automate the process.

3. He created a Facebook Chatbot, and now it chats with leads even while he sleeps.

The 4 tools you’ll need to create your Facebook Chatbot campaign:

1. A regular “Clicks to Website” Facebook Ads Campaign. Instead of a website URL, you’ll pick “Messenger” as the destination.

2. Chatfuel: a free chatbot builder

3. Zapier: to extract leads from chats

4. Google Sheets: to store lead info

Example by Dimitry – In the ad leading to the chatbot he writes:

“Want me to create a great landing page for your business?
Click this link and type: ‘landing’ in the chat”

That way, when people chat with your bot, they’ll know they can use this keyword. And you can program the bot to respond to it with an appropriate answer.

Result: A 35% conversion rate from clicks to leads (double the performance of his landing pages) + cheaper clicks to the bot.



tips for small businesses- tracking metrics

Growth Hack #3 – Optimize the Customer Experience With the Right Tracking Metric:

Track users on their journey through your product/service, rather than focusing on simple aggregate metrics commonly talked about

Why? You can optimize the experience, and know where you are ‘losing’ the user with the former, but not with the latter.

Knowing and tracking how many users went from homepage, to search, to product, to cart, how long they spent on each stage, and did they go back and forth between pages is more insightful than the default unique active users, or total number of page views.

How can you do this?

Implement the ‘event’ functionality of your tracking tool (or use one is designed around event tracking – like Mixpanel and Amplitude, rather than just the ‘default’ setup of Google Analytics)



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