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Taktical Growth Hacks – #151

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Growth Hack #1 – The Best and Worst Words for Email Subject Lines:

The words you use in your subject lines impact email open rate. We know this. But, just how much of an effect can they have?

Here are the words that can impact your open rate the most:

– Free: +2%

– Freebie: +26%

– Urgent: +79%

– Thank you: +57%

– Cancelled: -40%

– Helping: -12%

– Donate: -56%

– Last chance: -45%



Growth Hack #2 – Increase Conversions 40% by Including a Number:

One of these two headlines performed better than the other.

1st: “The simple test that increased our referrals”.
2nd: “The simple test that increased our referrals by 30%”.

The second looks more promising. But by how much? +40%!

Data makes your headlines stronger.

Here is a great, massive resource with all kinds of data to make your headlines stronger:



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Growth Hack #3 – +20% Sign-ups With a Single Phrase Change:

Carnegie Mellon set up a free trial program that customers can sign up for and tested it between two phrases:

1. “a $5 fee”
2. “a small $5 fee”

The second phrase was able to increase sign-up rates by over 20%.

They found that the emphasis on the “small” fee made it much easier to deal with conservative spenders.



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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #150

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Growth Hack #1 – Last-Minute Growth Hacks for Q4: A Big List of Little Ideas:

Looking for some quick tips that can give your brand a boost as we approach the end of Q4? Look no further:

– All discounts should be at least 20% off. Anything less isn’t a holiday deal and will be outdone by competing products.

– Experiment with “dollars off” language rather than “percent off” for products over $50.

– Auto-apply your discounts site wide, rather than asking people to look for coupon codes

– Bundle your smaller products into bigger items. People often do not by overly small gifts; a bundle of different products or multiple of the same one offers the opportunity to sell it as a gift.

– Focus on urgency: Repeatedly tell your visitors that time is running out. Consider a countdown timer.

– Figure out when is your last-minute, guaranteed-by-Christmas shipping date. Then, run a special promotion/email focused on that deadline.

And here are a couple of tips for NEXT YEAR:

– Increase your prospecting traffic heavily in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday in order to maximize retargeting pools.

– Triple the rate at which you send emails to cart abandons and past customers.

Happy holidays! 🎁⛄


Growth Hack #2 – The Right Way to Do Loyalty Cards:

Researchers handed out loyalty cards at a car wash. The cards offered a stamp for every car wash the customer bought.

Half of the cards had spots for eight stamps, with a free car wash offered for collecting all eight.

The other half had spots for ten stamps, but two of the spots came pre-stamped.

(oooooooo vs ooooooooXX)

The result?

The pre-stamped cards resulted in 178% more repeat business than the unstamped ones.

Source: Shopify


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Growth Hack #3 – A Rich Snippet for Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Limited-Time Sale:

We all know that urgency increases conversion rates. People are more inclined to make a purchase if they see a limited stock level, or something that says “Buy now – the offer will expire soon!”

The Limited Availablity JSON-LD Code will help inform the search engines that you are running a time-limited sale. This way, they can include this info in your rich snippets.

Here’s the code:

Also, this code will let you specify the number of items on sale, a short campaign description, and location.



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GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #149

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Growth Hack #1 – 10.66% More Signups With an Easy Color Change:

The MECLABS Institute was exploring how color affects sign-up conversions on a landing page. So, they A/B tested a simple change for their special VIP landing page.

A. Dark background and white text.
B. White background and dark text.

Which do you think won for their VIP landing page?

Here’s the result: The white background and dark text generated +10.66% more signups.



Growth Hack #2 – Add Popup Annotations to Mobile Youtube Videos:

YouTube has 1.3 billion users who watch 5 billion videos every day. More than half of those YouTube views come from mobile devices.

Adding annotations to a video boosts your views/retention. But: Annotations don’t show up on mobile!

Here’s how to fix it: Use YouTube Cards instead.

How to set these up:

1. Go to your YouTube channel.
2, Click your video.
3. Click on the cards icon.
4. Press “Add card”



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Growth Hack #3 – 5 Steps to Maximize Blog Readership:

Headlines are 90% of the battle when it comes to getting clicks and shares for blogs. The next 10% is engaging the audience.

Here’s how to deal with both sides of the equation to get your blog post in front of as many eyes as possible:

1. Jump on
2. Examine highly shared blog posts and copy their title styles.
3. Write a blog post that mentions popular people on Twitter.
4. Publish the blog post and tweet at the popular people you mention.
5. Get retweeted.
6. Repeat.


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Small talk

How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google? (Infographic)

One of the questions digital marketers receive all the time is “How long will it take my page to rank in Google?” 

Unfortunately, nothing is black and white when it comes to how to rank on Google. 

how long does it take to rank on Google gif

There are simply too many factors to take into consideration.

Even if you do everything by the book, there’s no guarantee that your page will rank in Google any time soon.

A Study on How Long It Takes for SEO to Work

Ranking on Google can be a direct result of a great SEO strategy.

Thus, the question “how long does SEO take?” often coincides with “how long does it take to rank on Google?”

According to a comprehensive study conducted by Ahrefs on how long it takes to rank on Google, only 22% of pages that currently rank in top 10 spots on Google were created within 1 year. 

The average top 10 ranking page on Google is 2+ years old.

Meanwhile, the average age of those ranked in the first position is almost 3 years.

Then the Ahrefs team tracked the position history of 2 million randomly selected pages that were first seen by their crawler a year ago.

It turned out that just 5.7% of all studied pages ranked in the top 10 search results within 1 year for at least 2 keywords.

seo meme
Image source: 

The authors of the Ahrefs study calculated the approximate number of days it took this lucky 5.7 % to get on the first page of Google. 

They also made some interesting findings about the ranking performance of top 10 sites in terms of keyword volume.

An In-Depth Look at How to Rank on Google

At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to get on the first page of Google. 

The team at Ahrefs, however, has managed to provide a more in-depth insight into the complex mechanism behind Google rankings. To learn more about this study, take a look at the infographic below by The Website Group.

how long does it take to rank in google infographic


GROWTH HACKS Tips & Tricks

Taktical Growth Hacks – #148

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Growth Hack #1 – +49.6% CTR in One Minute (Easy A/B Test):

Optimizely created a webinar and then A/B tested two CTAs to convert readers into viewers:

CTA #1. Watch Webinar
CTA #2. View Presentations & Slides

Which one do you think has increased the CTR by +49.6%?

#2: View Presentations & Slides



Growth Hack #2 – 10 Tested and Proven Headline Formulas:

We all know headlines matter. But sometimes coming up with compelling ones again and again can be tricky.

Save yourself some time; here are 10 proven headline formulas that work:

1. Who Else Wants [blank]?
2. The Secret of [blank]
3. Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]
4. Little-Known Ways to [blank]
5. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All
6. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
7. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]
8. [Do something] like [world-class example]
9. Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of
10. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]



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Growth Hack #3 – From 0% to 500% ROI: A Smart Facebook Study:

Spearmint LOVE sells baby clothes and goods. They started out doing well but eventually their ROI disappeared.

For 6 months they tested different solutions. Then they uncovered 2 tricks that yielded 5x-10x ROI.

Trick #1:

They started to put up a photo – not just of a shirt or shoes – but of an entire outfit that appeals to a particular emotion. As a result, Moms started to buy everything in that picture.

Example pictured above.

Trick #2.

They realized an obvious thing: children grow. And so, they need to readjust their Facebook ads according to age.

1. They started to advertise only to pregnant moms.
2. Then they added the visitors to a retargeting audience.
3. Based on how long the visitors are in that audience, they know the approximate age of the baby.
4. For different ages, they show different suitable clothes and goods.

Voila: 5x-10x ROI.



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