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Top Tips For Black Friday Email Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday is a huge revenue opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers. The only problem is that it is such a big deal that it can be easy for a business to get lost in all the competition.

Raising awareness is an important part of running a successful Black Friday sale, but you have to do it with more than just eye-catching discounts and giveaways. The discounts and giveaways eat into your margins so they can only take you so far. 

Black Friday email campaigns offer one of the best options for promoting your holiday sales while keeping costs down. Especially since Black Friday will happen mostly online this year. Email marketing is incredibly cost-effective. It can be a great way to raise awareness while engaging with customers.

With the right strategy, an email marketing agency can put your Black Friday campaign over the top. Read on to learn about some of the most effective Black Friday email marketing ideas you can use to boost sales this holiday season.

Look Back to What Works

You have to realize the holiday shopping season is a different economy for retailers than at any other time of the year. Some of the insights from email campaigns you have been running for the rest of the year might apply. For the best insights, you need to look back to past Black Friday email campaigns.

Dig up the data from previous Black Friday campaigns. Which subject lines generated the highest open rates? What CTAs got the most clicks? Which offers drove the most sales? Do you have any Black Friday email templates that can transfer to this year? You will want to update your campaigns, but there should be some value in lessons from the past.

Grow Your List

An email campaign is only as good as its list. You not only want to have a large list with a lot of subscribers, but you also want to have a high-quality list with subscribers that will take action. You might not have much time, but you can still make an effort to build your list before the shopping holiday begins.

If you don’t already have one, add a sign-up form to the header or footer of your site. You could also consider adding a pop-up form to the pages of your website to build your list before the holidays. You should also consider making a small offer to incentive signing up. Something as simple as a 10% discount bonus can do a lot to increase the sign-up rate. This is one effective way to convert leads to sales.

Make the Promotions Hard to Resist

People are looking for the biggest deals on the weekend covering Black Friday through Cyber Monday. If the discount isn’t enough, they will just ignore your offerings, but if it is too much, you run the risk of cutting too deep into your margins. 

A 20% discount is a good starting point for the sales you will highlight. After that, you want to find strategic discounts that can go higher. This isn’t to say that you can’t offer discounts of 10% or less. Therefore, you need to use big discounts as something to attract customers to the sale. Once they are there shopping for big discounts, they will be more likely to act on the smaller ones. 

A good way to make your offers effective is to highlight the best ones in your Black Friday email subject lines. If your biggest discounts are 70% off for Black Friday, put that in the subject line. When people see 70% off in the subject line, they will be interested and many of them will open the email to learn more.

Keep it Going Over the Weekend 

Black Friday is no longer a one-day sale. This is especially true for retailers that operate online. If you want to make the most of this opportunity, don’t let it end with Friday night and pick it back up on Monday. Maximize sales by continuing your Black Friday email campaigns through the weekend.

Have a Saturday “day after” sale. Promote this sale to your email list and highlight the great deals that are still running through the weekend. You could also retarget customers that put items in their cart for Black Friday but did not purchase. Send them a cart abandonment email that reminds them of the item and give them the opportunity to get the sale price the day after. Another hack is then to make sure the navigation through your site to checkout is effortless because it is one of the most effective ways of reducing friction during the checkout process. This little push will be enough to get many of those customers to come back for more shopping.

As a final point, make an effort to retain the new customers you gained with these Black Friday email marketing ideas. Most Black Friday shoppers will not have the same loyalty or lifetime spend as customers you acquire at other times of the year. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t win some of them over. Send follow up emails to thank them for shopping and do everything you can to offer the best experience possible. When it is all over, you should also plan to target them with new email campaigns to keep them coming back.

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7 Tips to Create Facebook Ad Campaigns that are More Effective



It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet. According to Pew Research Center, close to seven in ten US adults use Facebook. Of those seven in ten adults, 74% check Facebook at least once a day. With numbers like that, it is no wonder that so many businesses depend on creating effective Facebook ads. With so many businesses running Facebook ad campaigns, the competition can be stiff.

You have to compete with so much content that is trying to capture the attention of users. If you are going to have success, you need to develop Facebook ad strategies that will help your brand stand out while also getting people to click on your ads. 

You will find a lot of content about the latest Facebook marketing trends. While this information can be valuable, you need to do more than just follow the latest trends. You need to know how to create good ads and develop campaigns that depend on more than the latest trends.

In this post, we are going to look at some tips to help businesses create better Facebook marketing strategies. 

Focus on the Offer

Having good ad copy and images is a big part of developing successful Facebook ad campaigns. With that said, it isn’t everything. You could be a master of creating effective ads, but it won’t do much good if you are not offering something attractive to consumers. 

Try to focus your advertising on the products or services that will be the most attractive to consumers. As an example, if you have a great package deal for a range of products, create more campaigns that focus on the package deal instead of the individual products. If you sell a service on a monthly subscription, focus the ads on how paying for a year upfront comes with a discounted price. 

Effective Landing Pages

If you are sending your Facebook ads to the homepage of your website, you are not getting as much as you can from your advertising efforts. Even if you are following all of the top Facebook ad trends, you won’t get the best results if you are not using landing pages. Landing pages play an important role in the sales funnel. This is where you provide more information and close the deal with the customer. 

Beyond creating landing pages for your campaign, you also need to optimize your landing pages. Make sure the page has a strong headline and cover the product information that will help to complete the sale. Along with that, use the right call to action and keep it above the fold so every visitor sees it.

Keep Your Roles Straight

When developing a Facebook marketing strategy, you need to recognize the fact that ads have a role and landing pages role. The purpose of the ad is to get the user’s attention and get them to click through to the landing page. The role of the landing page is to provide more information and complete the conversion.

Ads should be simple and to the point. You might want to include a little information, but the main goal is to get the user’s attention and compel them to action. If you try to include too much information in the ad, it will make the user work harder to get the point. As long as you can capture their interest with the ad, they will want to read the details on the landing page.

Highlight the Numbers

You might not want to get bogged down with all of the details, but the numbers are important. If you are selling a physical product, put the price in the ad. If you are running a sale, make sure users know how much they can save by taking advantage of the discount. Numbers have a way of standing out in ads, so this is one of the simplest and most effective Facebook ad design tips for getting more attention.

Create Ads for the Audience

Most of us already know that the audience can make or break a Facebook ad campaign. With Facebook’s ad targeting options, you can get very specific and make sure your ads are only being shown to the users that are most likely to act.

Finding the right audience is a critical part of Facebook ad optimization, but this is only half the work. Beyond finding the right audience, you also want to create ads for the people in that audience. Different buyers have different interests, pain points and motivations, so it only makes sense that different types of messaging will be more effective with different audiences.

As a simple example, let’s say you sell a product that appeals to people in all age groups. If that is true, you need to consider whether people in the 65 and over group are going to respond well to the same messaging as those in the 15-24 group. For many products, you would benefit by creating ads that are unique to each group. 

And this is just one part of it. You might have customers with different interests or of different genders. All of this should be considered. Furthermore, it is about more than just creating ads. In some cases, you might need to consider unique landing pages for different groups. An agency like Evestar, a top eCommerce agency, can help clients scale millions of dollars each month.

Test Ads and Landing Pages

Chances are that you will not get all of your Facebook ad campaigns perfect on the first try. If you want to get the best results over time, you need to test everything to find what works best. This isn’t just testing the ads or the landing pages – you need to test them both together. 

Set up different versions of the same ads. Maybe a group that all have the same copy and picture, but different headlines. Use this process to see which headline gets the best results. After that, you can follow the same practice with images and descriptions. You can do the same thing with your landing pages. Test the headlines, the text, the images and the CTA. You can also test how different combinations of ads and landing pages work together. 

Facebook marketing strategies are not built on one key factor that can make every campaign a success. With that said, there are tips and strategies that can put you on the path to success. By bringing the right ingredients together and doing a little testing, any business can see great results from their ad campaigns.

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How To Partner With Influencers To Create Viral Campaigns

Creating a combination of marketing and referral programs is an excellent approach for making viral content. With the perfect combination of marketing with the referral program, you can have incredible sales and revenue. To kick-start your business, you can grow your business exponentially with the help of influencers. Referral programs have the potential for maximum growth if used properly.

Finding the right influencers can help you with the proper growth. For one, finding these influencers could grow your business and will help people to find out about your business.

Whenever you are starting your new business, you need to allocate a budget for digital marketing and advertising. For the general audience to know about your business, you can use influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing increases the reliability of your business and will help you generate revenue with the rapid growth of your business. 

How to partner with influencers for viral referral marketing? 

Below we mention some tips on how you can partner with the influencers to create viral content and use viral referral marketing for your business.

Find the right influencer

Based on the reach and the content of the influencer, you can find out whether the influencer complies with your brand. The context and actionability matter a lot. You have to look at the platform and the content of the influencer. Most people have a large audience on Instagram and Youtube, which can work in your favor. People usually have ten thousand to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Youtube can be the same. The more significant the reach is, the better it would be for you. The influencer should have massive reach for the better creation of content and brand recognition.

Ask the influencer to join your affiliate program.

The next thing that you can do is to ask the influencer to join your affiliate program. This affiliate program will help you to create awareness among individuals with your product. When the influencer introduces a product and has a massive reach of 100,000, you will have a greater chance of establishing your business very quickly. You can also offer the best affiliate marketing course for better awareness of influencers. Asking the influencer to be your affiliate can benefit your business. When the influencer is reviewing your product, it will reach many people who will want to try it out.

Create a referral campaign

You can create a referral campaign in collaboration with the influencer. When an influencer with a massive reach endorses a product and lets people know about the referral program, it will attract many audiences. You can offer many discounts to the people who refer to others, and people will love your campaign. It will grow exponentially if appropriately done, and it will be a viral campaign very soon. A referral campaign is a good start when you are working with an influencer with massive reach and a following with a lot of zeal.

Keep in mind; the more significant the audience is, the better it will be. Even if the influencer is endorsing the drum set Lab that you don’t want or any other product, including the hunting bow lab, you might still want to give it a try based on the review of the influencer. Several referral programs are doing great – including the Squarespace referral – because of the incredible viral influencer marketing.

Give them an exclusive discount

Trust me, the discount campaigns go viral before anything else. People love discounts and free products, and when you are doing it in collaboration with an influencer, it becomes more credible. People want to use it and try it because the influencer they follow is also using it. And it is not a scam when a person with a massive reach is endorsing a product with great discounts. There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the influencers who are recommending a product like that. The discounts can help you increase sales and revenue, and you can also offer some coupons to the influencer who can further ask people to use it for an exclusive discount. This way, you will know how much of the people are using the discount and how much of the sales have been increased by working in collaboration with the influencer.

Reviewing your products

Get the influencer to review your products. You can also ask them to refer it to other people if they find it incredible. Reviewing a product is a more significant part of the referral program. With an honest review, your sales can skyrocket very quickly. All of these efforts increase sales and business. The referral campaign and viral networking with the influencer can benefit your business in many ways, including brand recognition. It also helps to create a fanbase for customer loyalty. Once you reach the point at which the customers start to follow your business as a brand, then you would not need the help of the influencer to endorse it. However, influencer marketing and referral campaigns are still a great way to skyrocket your business. If you get it right in the starting, you will never look back on the marketing tactics to kick start the business.

Using a few simple marketing tactics can help you partner quickly with influencers to create viral referral marketing programs. These viral referral programs have a lot to offer to the influencers and the customers. Eventually, it will help your business, but it will also offer discounts to customers. You can create a review in videos for viral content regarding the product to make sure people know about your brand. Brand recognition is essential to making sure people start recognizing and using your brand. You have to create a subconscious memory of your brand in the minds of every individual. And that is possible by creating a viral referral marketing program in collaboration with the influencers on various platforms.