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3 Ways To Use Facebook Audience Network And Get Your ROI

In terms of advertising online, Facebook changed the game with its approach to paid ads. Connecting businesses to a huge pool of users around the world was already a huge advancement. Now, the Facebook Audience Network is once again revitalizing the world of digital advertising and your business stands to make a huge return on its investments in the channel.


So, what is the Facebook Audience Network and how can you maximize its potential for your business? It’s like we’re reading your mind, right? Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s go over what this new platform within Facebook actually is and what to do to utilize it most effectively.

What is the Facebook Audience Network?

The Facebook Audience Network is a newer concept to many seeking to advertise on the social media platform’s growing platform. The Network is a group of Facebook-approved mobile apps and websites that host ad space. On these sites and apps, you can actually utilize Facebook advertising off of the social media platform and on other spaces. 


This Network approach allows you to move beyond one single channel for your paid ads and to reach new audiences you might not be currently obtaining. Not only does this increase your reach by a huge margin, but this gives you access to native ads. This helps to make ads feel less sales-pitch and more substantial and natural. There are also abilities that can integrate users into ads more naturally, such as in-platform ads that appear simply while scrolling a favorite site or application.


Nearly half of the most popular 500 apps are on this Facebook Audience Network. This means you’re able to reach a ton of people in a creative, new way. Here are three ways to make the most of the network to achieve ROI goals.  

Ways to Use the Facebook Audience Network to Meet ROI Goals

Here are the three tips we have for newcomers to the Facebook Audience Network. 

Utilize Advanced Targeting

You’re able to target your audience on normal Facebook ads but the Audience Network takes things one step further. You can run a campaign that targets users who are spending the most time in an app, the ones who click through the most links, and even the newest users to download the app. 

This specification helps you make campaigns more meaningful and ensures your ROI is achieved by giving you full control over who sees the paid spots. 

Hit your Dimensions and Aspect Ratios Accurately

If your digital or graphic team is used to focusing on post-style ads, then they’ll want to make sure they’re being careful within the Facebook Audience Network. 


For app ads within the network, ensure you’re creating ads that are Square (1:1) and full landscape (16:9). If you plan on targeting video, switch that last one up to 9:16 for the landscape perspective. 

Isolate your Ad Sets for Optimum Analytics

Isolated ad sets allow you to see exactly what kind of user is responding to your campaigns. This gives you brilliant insights into how characteristics of an audience play a role in their opinion of an ad. 


Segmentation is a must in the digital marketing game and you can achieve the same optimum analytics in Facebook Audience Network when you isolate sets for maximum visibility into the data and insights. 



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