Using Instagram as a Shopping Platform

Using Instagram as a Shopping Platform

If you are in eCommerce, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram marketing. The platform offers a range of engaging options for reaching customers and it can be one of the best options for promoting your products and your online store. Working to up your Instagram game requires working with the best Instagram growth agency, so make sure you pick your collaborators carefully.

Instagram also has a large audience. The ads on this platform have the potential to reach a community of close to 1.4 billion users. Along with that, Instagram ads targeting options make it easy to reach the right audience with the right content.

For eCommerce businesses looking to develop the best Instagram growth strategy, the ability to sell products through the platform has to be one of the most powerful features. With Instagram Shops, business users can add a digital storefront to a business profile. Once you have the shop set up, you can add product collections to the shop, tag items in photos, and allow users to shop for your products without having to leave Instagram.

The Benefits of Instagram Shops

The Instagram Shop feature offers one of the best ways to turn social media followers into customers. A lot of Instagram users go to the platform as a place to discover and learn about new products. With a shop added to your profile, you can do more to promote your products while also offering a more convenient shopping experience.

One benefit is that an Instagram shop can reduce friction during the purchase process. A user might discover your products on Instagram, but they might not want to navigate out of the app to your website to complete the purchase. They might decide to do it later and then forget when the time comes. Since users can purchase directly in the app, you can remove barriers that may have cost you customers in the past. With Instagram ads targeting, you can connect with users who are reminded of your product and decide they finally have to have it.

Another great reason to use the shop feature is that you can get discovered by more users when you have an Instagram Shop. With this feature turned on, users will be able to find your products in the Instagram Shop tab on the app. This can be a way to increase your reach without having to do much more than maintain the shop.

You can also sell directly through your posts on the platform. With this feature, you can tag your products that appear in posts in a way that is similar to tagging a person on Instagram. The tag can list the name and price of the item. Users can also select the item and get directed to the product page in your shop.

Getting Started With Your Instagram Shop

You don’t need to be an expert at Instagram marketing to set up your shop. Even better, starting an Instagram Shop is free. If you don’t feel comfortable setting up the Instagram Shop yourself, work with the best Instagram growth agency to help you boost your Instagram presence and raise conversion rates on the platform.

  1. Make Sure Your Shop is Eligible 

The Instagram Shop feature is not open to all eCommerce businesses. The first thing to consider is whether the feature is available in your country. You also have to own an online store and sell supported products. Beyond that, your business needs to follow the commerce policies and merchant agreement. 

  1. Instagram Business Account

An Instagram business account is another requirement. If you run paid Instagram ads, you already have one. If you do not have one, you will need to convert your personal Instagram profile to a business account. This is a process that can be handled in a matter of a few minutes. 

  1. Connect Your Account to Your Facebook Business Page

You’ll need a Facebook business page to open an Instagram Shop. If you do not have a Facebook business page, you will need to set one up. Once you have a page, you need to go to your Instagram profile and select “Edit Profile”. Select “Page” from under the “Public Business Information” section. Select a Facebook page to connect with your Instagram account.

  1. Product Catalog 

You can start setting up your product catalog at this point. You have two options for moving products into your catalog: you can use the catalog manager to do the work manually or you can import products from your chosen eCommerce platform. The eCommerce integration works with platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and OpenCart. This is probably the better option if you use one of the supported platforms.

  1. Wait for Review

Once you have products in your catalog, you can submit your account for review. It usually only takes a few days for an account to get verified. Instagram might notify you if they need more information to verify your account. You can also check the status of your request in the shopping settings on your account. After your account is approved, you can turn the shopping features on and start selling through Instagram.


An Instagram Shop can be a valuable asset for any eCommerce business. With that said, it will not run itself. You are still going to need to post regularly and follow the best practices for Instagram marketing


4 Reasons Why Reddit is the Best Place to Advertise

4 Reasons Why Reddit is the Best Place to Advertise

If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook ads or Google AdWords, then Reddit advertising might be for you. Users can vote for or downvote posts and comments within a subreddit. 

However, Reddit’s digital marketing power truly comes from its advertising options and access to thousands of subreddits to promote your brand. Here are four reasons that you should choose Reddit ads as part of your advertising strategy.

Interactions With Active Communities

Reddit is home to 100,000 interest-based subreddits that are hard to find anywhere else, where people have an insatiable curiosity and constantly seek answers. Questions, comments, and support can come from any user, 24/7. The most popular posts appear on Reddit’s front page, reaching over 48 million monthly users. Reddit ads reach a wide and active audience.

As an active Reddit user for your brand, respond to posts with valuable comments to other Reddit users. Don’t be afraid to use humor in your comments and posts to engage your audience when appropriate. 

Spotify is an example of a brand that used Reddit to engage consumers creatively by asking questions about music and the emotions songs evoke from listeners. Reddit digital marketing can be creative and engaging on the platform.

You can use AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts to answer questions and show that your brand is approachable and open to feedback from customers. The CEO of Nissan started a subreddit thread called “IAmA,” where he got his target market to ask questions and actively engage with the brand. 

Easily Reach the Right Target Audience

With Reddit’s focus on community, it’s no surprise Reddit ads focus on popular topics discussed within subreddits. Since users are subscribed to certain subreddits, they can see Reddit ads as they scroll through posts and comments. 

Thanks to Reddit’s niche-related subreddits, you can locate your niche and talk about your product or solution. If you advertise to gardeners, rely on garden-related and plant-related subreddits like r/gardening, r/plants, and r/houseplants for placing your ads. This strategy helps ensure your advertising budget is well spent because your ads are reaching their target audience. 

Offers a Variety of Advertising Options

There are various ways to present Reddit ads, including image and video ads with call-to-action buttons. Reddit allows for promoted carousel ads that let you publish multiple photos or videos in one ad. 

You can also choose to have your Reddit ads and posts promoted as sponsored posts within a subreddit. Lemonade Inc., an insurance app, used Reddit digital marketing via promoted posts. The company had a promoted post on a fast food subreddit to show how insurance payments cost as much as fast food – cheaper than what the audience might imagine. The ad was relatable enough to gain people’s attention. 

Other ways to advertise on Reddit are through takeover ads in which your brand can take over the category, front page, and trending pages for 24 hours. First View allows users to see your brand first on prime Reddit real estate such as Home, the hub of all the subreddits a user has joined. 

Your Reddit ads can also show up on the Popular Feed-First View, which is the feed of the most popular posts. Reddit Pixel lets you track the performance of your ads and customer conversions, helping you better understand your target audience. 

Reddit Ads Can Fit Any Budget

Reddit ads will only cost you what you can afford for your advertising budget. Since Reddit is an auction-based marketplace, targeting, bids, and Reddit traffic affect the number of views for your ads. Some successfully promoted ads like Duracell’s ad gained 250 million views on Reddit and increased brand awareness by 16.3%. 

The top bid will be based on the second-highest bid plus $0.01. When placing a bid, make sure you are prepared to pay the highest amount of money possible. A small bid for a Reddit ad may be appropriate for a specific audience. However, if you’re targeting a broader audience, skew your Reddit digital marketing budget higher. 

Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign With Reddit Ads

Online advertising on Reddit has many benefits, including the ability to reach your target audience and create a campaign that fits any budget. This ever-growing platform is a great place to reach new customers. Whether you are interested in reaching a large or a small audience, you can make the most of it with the right targeting and Reddit ads.




LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices 

We all know social media can do a lot to help you achieve your marketing goals. Social media platforms offer access to large audiences and they provide marketers with a range of useful advertising tools. Along with that, it is a cost-effective way to raise awareness and acquire new customers. 

What many marketers are missing is the benefits of a platform like LinkedIn. Do LinkedIn ads work when compared to larger platforms like Google or Facebook? Sure, the advantages of Google and Facebook ads can’t be denied, but LinkedIn is a platform that could be uniquely powerful depending on the audience you are trying to reach. Most notably, it is one of the best options if you are trying to sell to businesses or reach professional audiences. 

While many of the features and options you will find with LinkedIn ads are similar to what you may expect from other social media platforms, there are important differences. Trying to just take your strategy from another platform and apply it to LinkedIn will not lead to the best results.

In this post, we are going to look at the LinkedIn best practices that can help any marketer reach their goals on the platform. 

Get to Know Your Audience

You can do more to reach your goals when you define your target audience. One of the LinkedIn best practices involves targeting on the platform. A great thing about targeting on LinkedIn is that it goes beyond the standard targeting categories like age, gender, and location to offer options like industry, job title, seniority, and company name. When you are selling B2B or targeting professionals, these options can have real power. Once you have your ideal audience, you can then craft marketing content that will appeal directly to those people.

Watch the Forecasted Results

An important thing to consider when you’re wondering, “do LinkedIn ads work?” is to make sure you’re paying attention to the projected audience results in LinkedIn. You will see the forecasted results on the right panel when you are building the audience for a campaign. This can indicate the projected size of the audience, and you also have a section for segmented breakdown. This can tell you the breakdown of your audience by factors like years of experience, company size, job function, and more. Keep an eye on how the makeup of your audience changes as you make different selections. You might need to make adjustments if your audience gets too small or if a critical segment looks to be under-represented.

Use the Right Ad Placement

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers different options for ad placement. The three basic options include sponsored ads, InMail ads and text ads. Sponsored ads show up in the user’s feed; InMail ads go directly to their inbox, and text ads show up on the sidebar. You need to consider your audience and you might even need to do a little experimentation to find the right ad placement for different campaigns. You can also work with a LinkedIn ads agency to help you figure out the best placement for your ads.

Target by Lists 

LinkedIn offers the option of matched audiences to allow for precision targeting. With this option, you can upload different types of lists to target users in different ways. As an example, you can upload lists of email addresses. You can also upload lists of company names to target people at those companies. Beyond that, you can also use those lists to create lookalike audiences to target users who may be similar to the people on those lists. One important note is that the LinkedIn ads policy for these lists is that they will expire if they are not used for ninety days. 

Add the Insight Tag to Your Website

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a feature that allows you to install a tracking pixel on your website. If you are serious about making the most of LinkedIn ads, you should install the Insight Tag as soon as possible. The Insight Tag offers reporting features and conversion tracking. Along with that, it can provide valuable insights concerning the visitors to your website. You can also use it to create matched lists based on website activity.

Use Text in Images

An attractive image can be one of the best ways to capture the attention of users on LinkedIn. Another great tip is to add text to the images. It might not be appropriate for every campaign, but it can be an effective way to make sure the main message of the ad stands out. One way to make sure this works is to use letters with bold colors that offer a strong contrast with the rest of the image.

Create Lead Magnets

Lead generation ads from LinkedIn offer a simple ad format for collecting leads on the platform. When it is done right, you can make a lot of connections. If you want to enhance these campaigns, you should create a lead magnet to encourage more users to give you their details. LinkedIn allows advertisers to integrate lead magnets with campaigns, so it can be a simple way to make sure you get the most from your lead generation efforts.

As a final tip for LinkedIn ads best practices, test everything. Try different ad formats, placements and make adjustments to your audience. With a little testing, you will be able to find the options that work best for the campaigns you run. As an alternative, you could hire a LinkedIn ads agency to run your campaigns for you. With experienced professionals running your campaigns, you should see better results in less time.


The 10 Best Apps for Marketers

Small and large businesses alike have embraced digital marketing as one of their most important aspects. 

In addition to maintaining social media profiles to provide information to customers, smaller businesses tend to have streamlined campaigns linking all social media forms to television and magazine ads.

The fact that most people browse for shops, restaurants, and reviews on Facebook and Twitter and see advertisements for businesses while using these platforms makes it an area to not ignore for businesses.

It’s important to keep up with constant updates to meet ever-changing requirements if you want to run a relevant and competitive digital campaign.

Managing digital marketing efforts is an arduous task, however, some tools can assist you to ensure maximum results are reached and that your message reaches the right audience.

Keep up to date with your campaign using the following tools:

1.  Idio

Communication directly with individual consumers is one of the main advantages of digital marketing, and this app makes it possible for users to have a truly personalized experience.

As digital marketing grows and expands, the rules are changing regularly, making it more difficult for even skilled marketers to adjust. 

Despite this, however, you can use these tools to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

2. OxEssays

The content wasn’t an important part of digital marketing when it first emerged. 

The search engines are getting smarter, so only posting original and high-quality content is now essential. 

Through this website, marketing professionals who are knowledgeable about the requirements for marketing content can be assigned writing and editing projects.

3. Offerpop

If you’re having trouble keeping your users engaged, Offer Pop is an excellent tool. 

Even when it’s challenging, all companies should strive to improve engagement, since social media marketing gives them the ability to talk with their audience. 

You can use this tool to reach out to your audience through a variety of methods and formats.

4. Socioboard

Managing multiple profiles simultaneously can be overwhelming, and keeping track of multiple profiles and their updates can be challenging. 

Staying up to date makes managing multiple social media profiles much simpler, as many sites allow this.

5. Sprout Social

This social media management software helps brands engage their customers more effectively by enabling them to capture and share posts on social media. 

In addition to maintaining detailed statistics on all social media networks-LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Zendesk, this platform integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Zendesk.

6. Australian Help

Any communication you publish in response to your business, including emails, blogs, and social media posts, represents you and your business.  

Because of this, you should ensure that all your work is accurate and grammatically flawless; otherwise, your company will appear inadequate and sloppy. 

Due to this, companies often hire writers or editors through this website to write or edit their online content.

7. Hootsuite

With one simple dashboard, Hootsuite is the ultimate app for bloggers.

In addition to scheduling posts, tracking ROI, collecting analytics, and keeping tabs on social mentions, you can manage your social media like a pro with Hootsuite.

As well as integrating your existing apps with 250 others, the app also helps you organize your social life.

8. Perka 

Local businesses often use loyalty programs as a marketing tactic. Business card-sized punch cards are usually used to fulfill these needs. 

Your card is punched every time you enter a sandwich shop, a nail salon, or a coffee shop. 

With all four punched cards, you are entitled to a free lunch, coffee, manicure, or pedicure. It’s the incentive of that free reward that can keep users and customers returning over and over again. 

This old-fashioned model is made digital by Perka. The app is still working on some quirks, but if your business uses punch cards, then this is something you should try.

9. Mention

What does the web have to say about you? Your back is covered by Mention. 

This app will give you regular updates on who and what has been said online about you, your brand, and everything else you care about online. 

It monitors social media, blogs, and news sites, and offers an easy way for you to find out what has been said about you. 

It’s possible to create customized statistics that are relevant to your business and connect them with your social media accounts. 

There are free and paid plans available for small businesses, but large corporations must pay up to $600 per month.

10. Plai

It takes a long time to track data for each website login. PLAI helps you quickly analyze your YouTube ads, Google Analytics, and Google Ads all from one platform.

Keeping track of your marketing results is seamless and easy with a visual experience.

In addition, Plai provides trending content and keyword research in your niche. 

Before creating a marketing campaign or a social post, keywords are discovered and marketing strategies are learned.


Why Advertising on Snapchat is a Good Idea

Why Advertising on Snapchat is a Good Idea

When you think about which social media apps to advertise your products and services on, it’s likely you focus more on the big dogs like Facebook, Instagram, or (yawn) LinkedIn. Advertising on Snapchat, an app largely known for digitally superimposing cat whiskers on people’s faces, might not be front of mind when you’re trying to develop your brand’s reputation. You may even wonder “does Snapchat even have ads?” Short answer, yes.

Are Snapchat Ads Worth It?

So you’re wondering if Snapchat ads are worth it. We get it. You want your company to seem solid, dependable, and legit. Short little videos that disappear into the ether right after they’re viewed may not inspire confidence if your intended audience is the typical C-suite crowd. But you have to know your market and how to cater to it, and people who use Snapchat may not be your corporate enterprising types. That’s not a bad thing. Most Snapchat ad viewers are under 30 and so well-versed in social media that they probably think Facebook is exclusively for boomers. They’re looking for something fresh, something irreverent, something that tells them you don’t take yourself or your company so seriously that you can’t have a bit of fun. 

There are currently 306 million daily Snapchat users across the globe, so you’d be wise to think twice before leaving them out of your advertising strategy. These Snapchat ad viewers are, after all, the corporate execs of tomorrow, and they already wield a great deal of influence across a wide variety of industries today, both as consumers, mid-level employees who have the ear of the decision-makers, and startup founders. With the shakeup happening in terms of how and where we work, due to the COVID pandemic, marketing strategies have had to adjust to a new normal where work life is increasingly entangled with, well, everything else. Our online lives are playing a bigger part than ever in our decision-making and interests.

Do Snapchat Ads Work?

Ok, so the Snapchat platform is popular. But your products and services are meant for specific demographics, so how can you make sure your ads are not just seen by a lot of people, but also foster the kind of engagement you want with the right people? Snapchat’s goal-based bidding feature enables you to implement specific kinds of customer engagement that are desirable for your bottom line. In other words, you can find out in real-time what kinds of ads and actions taken on those ads are working. In addition, Snapchat’s Discover ads, which are essentially bite-sized TV commercials, have been shown to have “increased efficiency in ad awareness by 65%.” 

So the question is not whether Snapchat ads can work or whether an investment in Snapchat advertising is worth it, but how you can tailor your advertising and marketing content to your intended users and spur the type of engagement that drives success for your business. Snapchat already offers the tools to implement targeted campaigns and to measure their success, and the versatility of its advertising formats has the ability to increase brand awareness in ways that some of the bigger social media companies don’t. Once you’ve got a solid team in place to help you hone your message and what form that message should take, maybe the next step is just figuring out how to record a good video.


How B2B Guest Access Is Redefining The B2B Consumer Goods Business

Business-to-business (B2B) vendors often have to refine everything in their businesses, so that they can continue serving their customers. But now, with consumers expecting more from businesses everywhere, it’s important to redefine the consumer goods business. How? Through B2B guest access! 

In this article, we’ll discuss how business value is needed for B2B customer experience, along with helpful tips on how to improve said customer experience.


Read on!


Business Value For B2B Customer Experience

“Just because you have high customer satisfaction, doesn’t mean that you have high loyalty,” says Amber Gregory, a business writer at Assignment Help and State Of Writing. “Customer experience involves both satisfaction and loyalty. While it’s important to make the customer experience faster and easier, it should also make customers into loyal ones. Loyal customers are more willing to spend more than those who aren’t in your fanbase.”


Tips On Improving B2B Customer Experience

So, now that you know how important it is to have business value in B2B customer experience, it’s time to put B2B guest access to work! Here are 6 tips on improving B2B customer experience with guest access:


  1. Be Committed To Customer Satisfaction

First, it’s important to establish a commitment, when it comes to customer satisfaction. In other words, employees must be committed 100% to serving customers, regardless if they’re already a part of your customer base or not.

  1. Fulfill Customer Needs

Customer needs are crucial, especially in your business. For example, sometimes users will want to buy something in a limited amount of time. Say, a printing company may need more paper and other printing supplies in a limited amount of time. Or, an auto manufacturer needs more car materials stat. Will they have the time and energy to create an account to buy something? 

By allowing guest access, you can better understand customer needs, and then deliver on said needs. Since customer needs are always evolving, you must stay up to speed and up to date on those needs. 

  1. Make Customers’ Lives Easier

Customers want to live easier. So, B2B companies should make their customers’ lives easier with their products and services. 

For example, if a user doesn’t have an account yet, why not allow them to pay for products and services as a “guest”? Once they buy something as a guest, let THEM decide whether or not they want to create an account for future purchases. So, you see, user-friendly products and seamless customer service efforts are essential to making customers’ lives easier.

  1. Respond, Deliver, And Resolve

Guest customers – like your existing customers with accounts – deserve to be tended to, whenever they shop your B2B brand. So, be sure to do the following for your guest customers:

    • Respond to any inquires that guest customers might have. (This is where you can implement a chat bot, or chat box with a live representative.)
    • Deliver their products and services in a timely manner. AND,
  • Resolve any issues that they might have. (Also, apologize for any inconvenience that they might’ve faced.)
  1. Be Proactive In Resolving Future Problems Before They Happen

“Sometimes, people expect you to resolve issues before they even happen,” says Arthur Maxwell, a marketing blogger at Revieweal and Essay Services. “While you’re not expected to read people’s minds when it comes to customer experience issues, you and your company should still take the initiative in predicting issues, and what you can do to prevent said issues. Plus, giving people new products and offers won’t always solve every problem. Sometimes, all it takes is refining your current products and offers.”

  1. Always Improve The B2B Customer Experience

Finally, improving B2B customer experience is NEVER a one-time thing. Improving things is ongoing, especially with guest access. By improving guest-customer experience, you just might turn them into loyal customers. 



So, you see, guest access is – and should be – important to your B2B business. By looking into guest access, you’re looking at your entire customer base, besides those who are already loyal to you. As you read and keep this guide as a reference, your B2B company will redefine the consumer goods industry by implementing great practices for guest access. 

Remember: People who buy your products and services through guest access are more valuable than you think. Don’t ever neglect these customers, because chances are, they might be interested in signing up for an account. Who knows? They might want to be loyal to your brand!


We hope that your B2B brand is successful in gaining more loyal customers through guest access! Good luck! 


Emily Henry is a writer and editor at Case Study Writing Service and Bigassignments. She is also a contributing writer for Assignment services. As an online marketing strategist for five years, Emily has helped companies improve their marketing strategies and concepts. 


20-Step Google Analytics Audit: A Guide To Optimal Performance

Google Analytics is something we spend hours exploring and learning from (weird, right?). 


It’s the best way to manage and track web data and use it to make smarter decisions for us and our clients. There’s nothing more telling than data. It doesn’t lie and it’s always there to tell you things you might be missing. 


That said, Google Analytics can sometimes get a little wonky. From the integrity of your analytics to the quality of what the platform is giving you, it’s worth taking time to perform this 20-step Google Analytics Audit to ensure you’re getting the optimal performance out of this essential platform. 

Where to Start for your 20-Step Google Analytics Audit

Review Your Account Setup

This might sound like a simple first step, but it’s important to utilize your Google Analytics account properly. That means making sure you have the correct info on your account, including:

  • Checking your default URL
  • Reviewing extensions to your website
  • Checking your time zone and demographics
  • Watching for any errors that Google Analytics shows in your settings

You might be surprised to see a few things out of place or loaded with the wrong info, especially if you created the account awhile ago.

Review Your Audience Reports

Under your Audience Reports, you’ll find a lot of great info. From retention and bounce rate to the number of people visiting your pages, there’s a lot to learn from here. Take a quick moment to peek at things for accuracy. 


For example, if you’re finding that you report a low page visit average, double check that you’re tracking page views correctly. Likewise, ensure that your demographics option is turned on. Peeking for any outliers or weird data can help show you if you’re missing something.

Review Your Acquisition Reports

When you go to Acquisition, you’ll find all sorts of info about your traffic. If any of this data looks odd, double check that you’re properly tagging campaigns within Analytics.


The fix is a bit of a long process, but making sure that you download the Google Analytics Debugger can help a ton to speed up the process. Go ahead and peek at self-referrals too. If you find that your domain tracking isn’t matching up in Analytics, you can check to see if you have any subdomain issues related to your website. This is handled on your backend, but Analytics does a good job highlighting them for you to fix.

Check for These Common Issues with Behavior Reports

Under Behavior Reports, you might find that you’re violating the Terms of Service for this platform. Double check in your site content collection to see if you’re collecting personal email addresses. If you are, fix that before it becomes an issue. 


Next, make sure your page URLs are split into fragmented URLs based on permalink text. If so, go ahead and start handling that on your backend; the difference will show in your Analytics once you address the issues.

Conversion Reports – Do Things Match Up?

Here’s a quick one you can check easily. Under Conversion Reports, double check that your ecommerce software and the Analytics line up. If not, you’ll want to check your plug-ins on your website and their extensions. Likewise, you need to make sure you check your time zone and the date to ensure that these line up, otherwise the data will be all messed up. 

These are the best places to start making sure you have everything in order on your Google Analytics account! When it comes to tips on everything digital, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the latest tricks and guides to everything you need to grow your business.

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20 Best Facebook Advertising Agencies in NYC

There are a lot of great businesses who just can’t take on the constant focus require to master the Facebook Advertising game. There’s no shame in it; plus, there’s plenty of great people to turn to when you need a hand.


In New York City, some of the best teams who handle things like social media advertising and digital marketing are world-renowned. There are a number of great agencies to choose from and it’s tough to take time reviewing them all. That’s why we’re happy to highlight the top 20 best Facebook Advertising agencies in NYC. 


Below, you’ll find the best names in the industry as well as a little information about their specialization and industry of focus. With this list, you’ll definitely find the right agency for you and your business. 

Top Facebook Advertising Agencies in NYC

  1. Taktical

Rated as one of the best Facebook Advertising agencies in NYC, Taktical is a trusted partner of household names across various industries. From Chase Bank to Bark Box, Taktical’s expertise in Facebook and digital media advertising makes it a favorite for brands around the world who look to bolster their digital strategy and brand storytelling.

  1. Break the Web

Next time a Panera Facebook catches your eye, thank Break the Web. This agency focuses on inbound digital marketing with a keen approach to SEO and PPC.

  1. Lockhern Digital

Located in Jersey City, Lockhern Digital works with SEM to help businesses of all sizes master the confusing world of social media advertising, as well as platforms like Google and Amazon.

  1. Acronym

With a “Search First” approach to advertising, Acronym specializes in taking time to learn what customers want for a brand and by creating creative channels to fill that need.

  1. P3 Media

With a longtime partnership with Shopify Plus, P3 Media has built a reputation on results-driven growth for ecommerce brands around the world. 

  1. Metric Theory

Crowdfunding giant GoFundMe and others turn to Metric Theory to craft digital marketing plans that take full advantage of Facebook and other digital platforms for advertising.

  1. Major Tom

Located in Manhattan, NYU itself utilizes Major Tom to reach huge audiences on the social media channels they use most to search, shop, and more.

  1. No Good

No Good bolsters many big names in its client list, including Amazon. This agency generates marketing ROI for its clients from day one.

  1. Fish Bait

From strategic vision to everyday execution, Fish Bait works with numerous clients to customize and tailor marketing plans to their every need.

  1. Where is My Brand

Specializing in out of the box marketing for Facebook and beyond, Where is My Brand brings decades of experience to its clients and serves every interest from web analytics to advertising assistance.

  1. Aumcore

Aumcore is known best in NYC for being an agency that immediately immerses itself in a brand and finds an efficient way to build on successes and points of pride. 

  1. Barrel

When it comes to ecommerce strengths, Barrel knows how to bolster what a brand does well and create new approaches for areas in need of attention.

  1. Blue Fountain Media

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, Blue Fountain Media has experience committing its expert team to the cause of any brand refresh or retooling of Facebook Advertising and more.

  1. iFuel Interactive

iFuel Interactive is a full service agency that focuses on every detail from identity in a brand’s online posts to translating stories across various channels. 

  1. Lasting Trend

This small team makes a big impact on its clients by finding ways for businesses to do more for their audience with less money than what they might be charged at a bigger agency.

  1. Lounge Lizard

With over 1,000 companies in its client history, Lounge Lizard knows the Fortune 500 world just as well as the startup scene. They make the most of any potential seen in any brand’s present and future.

  1. Markacy

Strategy is the name of the game at Markacy and everything from acquiring new customers to keeping them around goes into their approach to Facebook Advertising. 

  1. Converge

A team of 200 with a great knowledge of how to build tech solutions for the modern digital user.

  1. Kounterattack

When it comes to full-fledged Facebook Advertising campaigns, Kounterattack is best at stepping away from the crowd and tackling things from a new perspective. 

  1. Target Marketing

Last but not least, Target Marketing helps brands take to the next level with insights and strategy that help grow businesses in a scalable and realistic manner. 


Extremely Clickable Call To Action Examples & Phrases

Every time you put an ad in front of a potential customer, you want them to do something. The ultimate goal is to get them to buy your product or subscribe to your service, but even at the earlier stages, you might just want them to give you their email address, sign-up for a free trial or subscribe to a newsletter.

A lot of work goes into moving people to take these different actions. However, whether they found your content in search results, email, Facebook ads or Google ads, you need to know how to get the message across. One of the best ways to do this is to have a good CTA.

If you are looking for a call to action definition, it is a short instruction that is intended to provoke action. They can appear on web pages, in apps, in social media ads, in emails and more. They can appear as a CTA button or as a call to action phrase with a link. A good CTA not only inspires action, but it lets the viewer know what you want them to do. 

Since a call to action is so important for so many different types of marketing efforts, you should put more than a little passing thought into finding the right one. In this post, we are going to look at a few call-to-action examples to show you what it looks like when it is done right.

State Farm

The CTA on this page from the insurance company State Farm is “Start a Quote”. It is an effective CTA because it makes it clear what the page wants the user to do and it stands out because it is a red button on a white background. The accompanying text also helps to push the reader closer to a click by adding language about saving time and money.

New Balance

The footwear company New Balance does a great job with this CTA. The text says “Explore” and it directs the user to a shopping page on the website. This is a smart ecommerce tactic because it is not as pushy as something like “Buy Now” but it moves the customer further down the funnel by taking them to a page that can expose them to products and sell them on the benefits of making a purchase.

Pizza Hut

This is a good example for Facebook ad campaigns. With a call to action of “See Menu”, Pizza Hut is letting customers know that they can check out the menu and order online. This could be a good CTA for any restaurant that is trying to sell food and get people to look at their offerings through Facebook ads.


With “Start your site”, WordPress has a simple CTA, but they actually sell it with the accompanying text. The copy makes it clear that you can have a website ready in minutes, and they tell you that they have everything you need to get started. With good text surrounding the CTA, the button just makes it easy for visitors to know where they should click to get started with building their new website.

Magic Spoon

This is a call to action example for a website pop-up. With this, Magic Spoon is offering visitors the opportunity to win a free month of cereal. All the visitor has to do is enter their email address and click the button for “Enter the Contest”. With a simple pop-up like this, Magic Spoon can probably collect a lot of email addresses from visitors.

Rosetta Stone

If you have something to offer for free, you should highlight that in the CTA. That is why Rosetta Stone is using the CTA “Start 3-Day Free Trial”. People like getting things for free, and if a visitor is interested in the service but unsure about signing up for an account, offering the free trial can be a great way to move them closer to being a paying customer.


In this Facebook ad, Spotify uses the CTA of “Listen Now”. This is an obvious CTA for a company like Spotify. It tells the user what they will get when they use the service and it is direct and to the point. If you are promoting a music service, a podcast or an audiobook, this could be an effective Facebook CTA.

Those are just a few examples of effective CTAs and why they work. While it isn’t rocket science, it is something you need to think about. Create a good CTA, make sure it works with the rest of the content on the page and make sure it is easy to see. When it is done right, a good CTA can increase your conversion rate significantly.

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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Ads in 2021

There’s a lot of places you can spend your paid social budget. One of those places should be Instagram.


Over a decade after launching, Instagram continues to lead the way in impacting the things we buy, the places we go, and the things we like. It’s probably one of your go-to apps when you’re off the clock, but it should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy during the work day.


You’re in the right place if you’re ready to start mastering the world of Instagram ads. Here’s your Ultimate Guide for the platform’s paid posts with five easy things to know to get you started.

How Do Instagram Ads Work?

Instagram Ads work a lot like normal posts. When someone is scrolling through their feed, paid posts show up like normal pictures and videos from accounts you follow. There’s always a signifier that the post is “Sponsored” in the corner so users don’t ever mistake these paid posts for something else. 


It’s the immersiveness of Instagram Ads that help to make them so impactful. Yes, users know what they’re seeing is something for which a company paid to place on their feed, but that doesn’t matter if the content is rich. That begs the question: how do you make your Instagram Ads resonate with users?

Types of Paid Posts That Do Well on Instagram

Instagram Ads lets you post a variety of content types on their paid platform. Of course, you can post typical image and video posts, and even include carousel images for multiple visuals. Some of the newer ways you can buy space on Instagram feeds, however, are even more dynamic. 


IGTV, the section of Instagram for videos over one-minute long, has grown to be quite successful in the past few years, The newer Reels section is also growing thanks to the social media boom of TikTok and shorter video content. You can also sponsor a post on Instagram Stories as well as the new Shopping tab.


Whichever type of paid post you choose, the real catalyst for success on social media is what you create and for whom it is intended to impact. Algorithms are tricky, but here are some things to keep in mind. 

Three Key Things to Keep In Mind for Instagram Ads

In 2021, you want to ensure you have an answer to each of these three key things to consider for Instagram Ads:

  • What is the goal of the ad? Are you selling a product, sending users to your website, or signing people up for a newsletter? Know exactly what you want to achieve every time you spend money on Instagram
  • Who is the target audience? The important thing here is to think of your audience as a guide to the content you boost with a paid post. Do they like videos or are they more inclined to check your account’s Stories? When starting out, you can just pick what you think is best and let the data guide future Ads.
  • What performs best organically? Keep an eye on your Instagram Analytics and choose whatever gets the most Instagram likes engagement with your audience. There’s a good chance this will also resonate with the audience you reach via Instagram Ads.

How to Put Up Your First Instagram Ad

It’s easy to schedule your first Instagram Ad. There’s an easy to follow Promote tab on each of your posts that takes you to a screen that allows you to do four things:

  1. Choose an Objective – this ranges from how many people you reach to what goal you hope to achieve with the post
  2. Cost and Length – you’ll also be asked how much you want to spend and how long you want the ad to run. 
  3. Choose your audience – your options range from location, age, gender, and other demographics
  4. Placement – where do you want the ad to show up?

That’s that – you have your first Instagram Ad ready to go. It never hurts to learn a bit more from a top-rated marketing agency, so keep an eye on our blog for more tips!