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November 21, 2022

Blog: Creating a Successful Video Content Marketing Strategy: An Ultimate Guide

Videos are excellent instruments for attracting leads and spreading brand awareness. People spend an average of 2.5 hours watching videos daily. Therefore, most marketers have included video content in their video marketing strategies. 

Why wouldn’t it be? Videos are engaging, can share tons of information in a short period of time, and people love sharing them.

A video marketing strategy is much more than sharing engaging videos on your social platforms. This form of marketing aims to inform, engage, and attract the audience more visually and creatively. If you want to learn how to launch and develop your video marketing strategy, this guide to video marketing is for you.

Steps on How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to learn how to create a video marketing strategy that works? Check out our 3-tier guide to video marketing below.

Tips for Resources for References You Can Use

Let’s start with preparing your strategy. Here are some tips for this process:

Decide on What Types of Video You’ll Offer

You can offer different types of videos as part of your marketing strategy. Figure out a posting schedule and try to diversify these. Here are some ideas for video content creation:

-Educational and how-to videos

-Entertaining videos

-Behind-the-scenes videos showcasing your company’s work

-Interview videos with employees or customers

-Testimonial videos

-Videos that explain your products and how they are made

-Tips and tricks

-Customer-generated content – videos from your customers using your product


Test Trending Strategies

If you want to mix things up and keep them interesting for your audience, explore the subtleties of different strategies using various resources. Here is something to inspire you for your next video marketing strategy and help you develop a new idea for video content creation.

Instruments and Tools to Use to Create High-Quality Video Content

Once you figure out what you want to deliver to your audience and how you want to approach it, it is time to source your videos and put them on video marketing distribution channels. There are two options: make your own videos (or encourage your customers to create customer-generated content with freebies and contests) or use ready content to share with your audience. Here are some tips for this:

  • Download and Use YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most used video platform these days, which makes it the perfect source of content for your video marketing strategy. You can now download YouTube videos and post them on your company page or social channels. Social media makes for one of the most effective video marketing distribution channels. 

YouTube is an excellent source of content that you can easily extract and use to enrich your marketing strategy without breaching law regulations for intellectual property. Thus, keep in mind the copyright. Mention video or soundtrack authors. Make sure you’re allowed to use their creations. 

  • Create Your Videos

This task takes time and usually requires the work of a team. Whenever you can do this and have a team to help you, create quality videos you’ll share with your audience. If you do this, you need to delegate tasks such as:

-Sound and lighting testing

-Choosing the setting, the background, and the participants

-Outlining the talking points and scripts

-Doing the actual video recording

-Editing of the video

Tools to Use to Distribute and Evaluate Your Content

You’re done with the video part. Congratulations! However, everything has just begun. After selecting distribution channels, you’ll need instruments to check the marketing strategy’s progress. To do that, apply various video metrics. Let’s go through the final steps here:

  • Upload the Video Content in the Right Places

Uploading videos is straightforward nowadays, but for your marketing strategy to be more successful, you need to know when and where to do this. Decide on the platforms where your video will be the right fit, and research your target audience to see where they watch videos. You can also learn the optimal post time by exploring your audience. It will maximize the number of views and make your strategy more successful. You can optimize your posting schedule based on video metrics for the best results.

  • Track Your Video Metrics

Once you put your video out there, it might take some time to show results. Keep tracking the numbers to see how many people viewed your video, shared it, commented on it, etc. This research will help you improve your future videos and show what your audience likes about your brand the most. Check for average watch time, conversion, number of views, etc. 

Wrapping Up

The best time to start working on your video marketing strategy is now when people watch more videos than ever. If you are hesitant about this and don’t know if it’s the right move, check out why you need video content marketing for your business. 



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