Estimating ROI from your content marketing

Why did we make this? Here at Taktical Digital we do a lot of content marketing and SEO for our clients.

It’s not uncommon for a client to ask what their return investment on such efforts might be, and we recognize how difficult it is to predict and analyze that. Often times people don’t know what they return is even after they’ve been doing it for a long time

So, we built this calculator to help project and predict what you were likely return on investment will be based on how much effort you put into your content marketing

We’ve made this tool available for free to the Internet because we believe that everyone deserves a shot at success


How many Linking Root Domains (LRDs) are needed to match your closest competitor?

Use MozBar to find this metric; see example image at this URL: [Chapter 3, page 15]

How many LRDs do you generate per piece of content on average?

This could include blog posts, eBooks, tools, guides, webinars, etc. [Chapter 3, page 16]

How many pieces of content do you create per month on average?

[Chapter 3, page 16]

Number of LRDs per month

(From content marketing)

How many LRDs per month do you get for all other reasons?

This could include links to product pages, homepage links for TV ad you ran, traditional link building, etc. [Chapter 3, page 16]

Combined Number of LRDs per month

What is your estimated link attrition rate (percentage of links you lose over time)?

[Chapter 3, page 17]

Adjusted LRDs Per Month

Number of Months to Reach LRD Goal

Number of Years to Reach LRD Goal


What are your content marketing expenses each month?

(ex. content research, creation and promotion) [Chp. 4, page 21]

What are your SEO expenses each month?

(ex. traditional link building, on-page website improvements for organic search, etc) [Chp. 4, page 22]

Average Total Monthly Expenses

*Optional* If you’re creating a new web business, how much will the first, fully-completed version of your website cost?

This should include research, idea validation, prototyping, UX, design and development. [Chp. 4, page 23]

Cost Per LRD


What is your target traffic value, as based on SEMRush's "Traffic Cost" metric?

Use SEMRush to find this metric; see example image at this URL: [Chp. 5, page 27]

Number of months it would take to reach target goal of LRDs

(assuming no revenue for first 12 months)

Average Traffic Value Increase Per Month


Months until monthly revenue exceeds monthly expenses

Years until monthly revenue exceeds monthly expenses

Months until total revenue exceeds total expenses

Years until total revenue exceeds total expenses