GROWTH HACKS date icon June 21, 2022

Taktical Growth Hacks #259

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What’s in The News This Week

TikTok rolls out crediting tool to cite their inspo. YouTube announced weekly ad capping for users. Google has a new ad script experience.

Growth Hack #1 Size matters

Jeff Chang, a tech lead on the User Acquisition team at Pinterest shared their case:

1. They made all Pins look the same: Related Pins were made bigger, and the Main Pin (that a user found on Google and clicked) was made smaller.

Result: This trick increased signups by 100% but search traffic dropped by -10%.

2. Then they used the same large-size image file as before, but sized it down to fit inside the smaller Pin.

Result: This change increased the traffic difference from -10% to +10%, even though the design looks the same visually.

Source: GrowthHackIdea

Growth Hack #2 Raise your prices for no reason

You can change your price without cause if it’s by less than 10% [Weber’s law]

When it comes to price hikes, Weber’s law shows that approximately 10% is the average point where customers are stirred to respond.

This means that you can change your price without reason, if it’s by less than 10%, without causing extreme reaction from your current customers.

Source: Helpsout

Growth Hack #3 Up your Facebook game

BuzzSumo analyzed over 1 billion posts from 30 million brand pages on Facebook. Here are their key findings:

1. Videos that are directly embedded get over SIX TIMES the engagement of embedded YouTube videos.

2. Questions and images get the most engagement.

3. Posts under 50 characters get the most interaction.

4. Posts published on Sunday get more engagement.

5. Posts without hashtags get more interaction than posts with hashtags.



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