GROWTH HACKS date icon August 15, 2022

Growth Hacks #268

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In this issue: Using psychology to create attractive discounts, choosing adaptive versus responsive mobile design, refreshing old content to rank higher on Google.


What’s in The News This Week

TikTok increases transparency about data usage. Meta launches B2B targeting feature. Snapchat releases report on its value for young audiences.


Growth Hack #1 It pays to play mind games

This discount trick resulted in a 200% sales increase! Here’s how…

The Psychologist reported about an experiment in a retail store in the USA.

3 different prices were A/B tested.

Control price: $24.95

Variant #1: 20% discount For 3 Days

Variant #2 (Tapering Discount): 30% Discount Today, 20% Discount Tomorrow, 10% Discount On Day 3

The first offer of a 20% discount for 3 days caused a 70% increase in sales.

However, the second offer of a tapering discount resulted in a staggering 200% increase in sales!

The rationale was that customers were keen to avoid losing out on the discount so were prompted into taking action and made an immediate decision to buy.


Source: Marketing Blog


Growth Hack #2 Adaptive design for the win

Here are their results:

1. Emails written at a kindergarten reading level: 46%

2. Those written at a 3rd grade reading level: 53%

3. High school45%

4. A college reading level: 39%

In short: don’t get too technical! Use shorter words and shorter sentences to hold your readers’ attention


Source: Catchpoint


Growth Hack #3 It’s all about staying relevant

Google prefers recency, and so do your website visitors.

So, if you want to improve your SEO and rank higher on Google, you have to freshen up your old content.

Here’s what you can do to go from stale to fresh:

1. Include “last updated [RECENT DATE HERE]” in content body.

2. Remove auto date stamps from content.


Source: Taktical Team



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