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Taktical Growth Hacks – #108

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Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #1 – Find Your Website’s Worst Performing Posts:  

Most of the time, we like to look for the most popular pages on our website. This is especially helpful for coming up with new blog post ideas.

But opportunity also lies in identifying your worst performing pages. This process is how you find holes in your content and search engine marketing strategy.

Ideally, you want to keep prospects on your site long enough to convert them from lead or customer. For this reason, you need to do the following:

– Go to the Behavior tab in the Google Analytics menu.

– Click Exit Pages under the Site Content menu.

This process will show you the pages where prospects most often exit your website. With that information, you can then analyze these pages and look for ways to keep prospects engaged with your website.

You can then decide the right strategy to make these pages more engaging: change the design or re-write the content. Which you choose will depend on how important the page is.



Growth Hack # 2 – Boost Performance 680% by Using One Column For Your Landing Pages:

Marketing Experiments did a test where they compared two variants of a landing page.: One with a main column and a column to the right, and one with a single column.

The single column variant outperformed the two column design by a stunning 680.6%!



Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #3 – How to Create a Roundup Blog Post That Earns You Links From the Experts:

A blog post roundup can be the best way to get your content onto high-quality domains. You just need to know how to earn these links.

Here’s how to create a roundup like a pro:

1. Visit “Search Twitter bios” on FollowerWonk.

2. Input your keyword (SEO, cars, etc.)

3. See the list of the most influential experts in your niche.

4. Find their emails.

5. Send a VERY short email. Example: “I’m doing a roundup of X experts … As one of X gurus, can you please reply to my short question …”

6. At the end say thanks to every expert and send them a link to your roundup (don’t ask them to share).



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