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Taktical Growth Hacks – #111

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Growth Hack #1 – The TOP 5 Phrases that Gained the Most Facebook Engagement:  

Headlines can significantly boost your conversions, decrease cost per acquisition, and increase revenue. Buzzsumo analyzed 100M headlines to determine the top 5 three-word phrases that gained the most Facebook engagements(likes, shares, comments).

TOP 5 three-word phrases inside headlines:

#1. will make you: 8,961 average Facebook engagements

#2. this is why: 4,099

#3. can we guess: 3,199

#4. only [number] in: 2,398

#5. the reason is: 1,610

TOP 5 phrases starting headlines:

#1. [number] reasons why: 5,121

#2. [number] things you: 4,690

#3. This is what: 4,107

#4. This is the: 3,150

#5. This is how: 2,784

Happy A/B testing!



Growth Hack # 2 – Create Content That Earns 9X More Leads:

Neil Patel‘s team wanted to compare long-form content (over 1000 words) to short-form and see what drives shares and leads.

They wrote short-form and long-form articles for their blog and email subscribers. Then they compared results.

Here they are:

3 times more Shares for long-form content compared to short-form.

8 times more Page Views received from long-form content.

9 times more Leads generated from long-form content.



Taktical tricks and tips

Growth Hack #3 – 2.91X More Shares From Free Blog Posts:

The Curata team created 24 blog posts, using 3 different sources:

1. Internal resource (staff)

2. Agency/Freelancer

3. Guest blogger

Here‘s how many social shares on average each source got:

1. Internal resource (staff): ~110 shares per blog post

2. Agency/Freelancer: ~250 shares per blog post (2.27 times more)

3. Guest blogger: ~320/blog post (2.91 times more shares)

Looks like typical research until you understand that:

1. Guest posts placed on your blog cost you 0 dollars.

2. Guest posts placed on your blog cost you 0 time spent on creating them.

3. It means they drive traffic to your blog for free.

4. And as a bonus they get 2.91 times more shares (probably because the author also promotes his/her blog post).



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