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Taktical Growth Hacks – #112

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Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #1 – Emojis Increase Facebook Ad Engagement by 386%:  

Aaron Zakowski, the Facebook ad guru, ran a test to see how he could get more people to click ‘play’ on his Facebook video ads. So, he added some emojis of speakers to get people to click for sound.

Result: The ad with the emoji had 1.7% of viewers click the play button for sound while the version without the emoji only had 0.35% of people click the play button.

That’s an improvement of 386% for the version with the emoji CTA.


Growth Hack # 2 – These 4 Factors are the key to Facebook Video Engagement:

BuzzSumo analyzed the TOP 3,000 most engaging videos on Facebook.

Here‘s what they found:

1. Heavy video interaction does not depend solely on audience size.

2. TOP 3 calls to action:

– 2.1. like our page for more

– 2.2. get the full recipe

– 2.3. like, share and comment

3. Storytelling (Setting + Characters + Conflict + Resolution) is an important element of Facebook videos that people share, like, and comment on.

4. TOP 5 most engaging topics:

– 4.1. Inspiring

– 4.2. Animals

– 4.3. Amusing

– 4.4. DIY

– 4.5. Recipes



Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #3 – Earn 258% More Backlinks With Graphs & Charts:

Neil Patel decided to analyze the types of images he uses in his blog posts that generate the biggest number of backlinks.

Here are the images that he compared:

1. Stock photography

2. Screenshots

3. Hand-drawn images

4. Graphs and charts

5. Infographics

6. Royalty-free images

7. Animated graphics

Result: #4. Graphs and charts received 258% more backlinks than blog posts with other types of images.

Why? Because data and facts are the most valuable. And while infographics also have data, graphs and charts are usually smaller and more focused.



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