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Taktical Growth Hacks -#116

February 26, 2019

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Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #1 – What Picodi Did to Boost Their SEO Visibility By 841%:  

Picodi.com was presented in 25 different countries and had low SEO visibility (search volume + the position of ranking keywords). They made one change and it skyrocketed their SEO visibility by 841%.

Here’s the change they made:

1. Before this experiment, they had a local domain for each country.

2. They migrated all the countries from local domains to their main domain (example: domain.com/country).

3. They added 301 redirects from old domains to the main one.

That’s it.

Source: https://en.ryte.com/magazine/one-global-domain-vs-multiple-tlds-for-an-international-brand-841-visibility-boost-case-study


Growth Hack # 2 – Improve Email Performance +25% With Ratios:

Images aren’t categorically bad for emails. Instead, pay attention to your RATIO of images:text.

A few tips to keep in mind:

– Don’t go below 2:3

– Don’t make your entire email one big image with text on it

– Include descriptive alt text that gets people to expand/view all images (and tracks your opens)

Source: 500 startups


Taktical tips and tricks

Growth Hack #3 – Boost Instagram Engagement 38% With One Simple Trick:

Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs researchers analyzed 1.1 million photos on Instagram and uncovered 1 simple thing that increases engagement by 38%.

Here’s what they found:

1. Pictures with human faces get 38% more likes.

2. And 32% more comments.

Source: https://www.news.gatech.edu/2014/03/20/face-it-instagram-pictures-faces-are-more-popular


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