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Taktical Growth Hacks -#117

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Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #1 – One Simple Headline Change, 217% Increase in CTR:  

Low CTRs, low conversions, and low ROI can sometimes be fixed by one small change in your headline.

This magical change is. . .

Include exact numbers!

Here are the examples:

A/B test #1:

A. The 1st ever public library of tested marketing strategies online.

B. 10 patented strategic guides. 1500+ proven tests.  Free access.

B generated an 88% increase in CTR.

A/B test #2:

A. Local Tax Preparation – Quality Tax Preparation Services.

B. Local Tax Preparation – $45,325 Saved in January.

#B saw a 217% increase in CTR.



Growth Hack # 2 – 562% ROI With Just One Method:

This jaw-dropping method helped a company achieve a 562% ROI. The same method also helped Trump win.

After applying the OCEAN method a company saw a 130% improvement in sales, with an ROI of 562%.


1. They analyzed who their customers are, but not as you think.

2. They described them through the OCEAN method (developed by Cambridge University).

The OCEAN is the acronym of the big 5 personality traits:

O. Openness to experience

C. Conscientiousness

E. Extroversion

A. Agreeableness

N. Neuroticism

3. They created 20 ads to appeal to different personality traits.

Did you know that Trump‘s team used the OCEAN model to the extreme? They analyzed every US adult through the OCEAN model. Then, they created super targeted ads based on personal fears, weaknesses, hopes, and values.​​​​



Taktical growth hacks

Growth Hack #3 – Have Customers Reduce Your Bounce Rate By 1.5%:

Lucid noticed that 3% of their new subscribed emails bounce. That means they were losing 3% of their customers due to misspelled emails being entered.

They were able to win back 54% of these lost customers. How?

1. They added an automated email verification before signing up.

(NeverBounce is one example of an automated email verifier you can use)

2. When a user enters the wrong email address, the system asks them to correct it.

Result: 54% of the users who saw the warning successfully corrected their email to a valid one.



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Taktical growth hacks

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