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Taktical Growth Hacks – #123

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Growth Hack #1 – The Easiest Way to Increase Google Search Traffic +30%:  

We noticed some of our client’s blog posts slipping in their Google ranks.

Knowing that Google loves fresh content, we simply went into the post and updated the date.

On WordPress, backdating posts like this is super easy: Here’s how.

PRESTO! The Google rank jumped and on average over 30% more traffic poured in!


Growth Hack #2 – Get in Touch With Free Trial Users for 800% More Conversions:

Customer support software company Groove HQ wanted to know how to convert more trial customers to paying ones.

As their team started to track everything more closely, they began to notice a trend: free trial users who emailed them for support were 800% more likely to become paying customers by the end of their trial than those who never reached out.

So what did they do to get more people to contact them?

1) They made the contact links more prominent

2) They began to send calls to action encouraging users to reach out to them if they needed help.



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Growth Hack #3 – 3X Conversion Rate from Surveys With the Right Format:

Formstack analyzed over 650,000 form users. Here are the most interesting conclusions gained:

When you need to survey your users and have a lot of fields for them to fill, this trick is for you.

Formstack found that conversion rates more than TRIPLE when:
1. Fields are spread out over multiple web pages.
2. They have bigger fonts.
3. They have “Save and resume” options.
4. They include progress bars.



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