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Taktical Growth Hacks – #124

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Growth Hack #1 – Powerful Words Can Change Your Copy:  

The right words can turbo-charge the authority of your headlines, product names, buttons, and email subject lines.

Here are 33 surefire words, starting with the top 10:

– Iron clad,
– Proven
– Validate
– Authentic
– Genuine
– Bona fide
– Legitimate
– Reliable
– Official
– Final

More: Backed, Guaranteed, Research, Studies, Results, Solution, Honest, Complete, Psychological, Comprehensive, All-Inclusive, Absolute, Definitive, Authoritative, Conclusive, Authority, Surefire, Formula, Strategy, Expert, Report, Document, Literally, Powerful.



Growth Hack #2 – Reduce Cost of Facebook Ads By 41%:

Every marketer should strive for decreasing cost-per-conversion. Here’s one tip for doing just that by choosing the right ad format.

Facebook ads pro Aaron Zakowski found that right-side ads are the best choice for a small budget.

Though you can’t get the same volume as Newsfeed ads, cost per signup from right side ads is about 41% lower than from desktop Newsfeed ads.



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Growth Hack #3 – Humans Work 12% Better in Ads:

When selecting the background or main images to use in your display ads, using images that contain people is the most reliable bet.

Researchers examined 60 brands and as a whole to determine if there was a common thread that led to greater success.

What they discovered:

Ads that contain images of people have a 12% higher CTR than those which do not.

The takeaway: people like people!



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