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Taktical Growth Hacks – #126

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Growth Hack #1 –
The Easiest Way to a 7.32% Increase in YouTube Views:

One simple trick to boost your YT video views: add captions.

Closed captions are indexed by YouTube search and boost your traffic.

How can you do it?

1. Go to the Video Manager tab in your YouTube account.
2. Find the video to caption and select the Edit button.
3. Using the top navigation bar, click the Subtitles/CC tab. Source:


Growth Hack #2 –
Earn $87K in Revenue From Abandoned Cart Emails:

These abandoned cart email frameworks show 43%-65% open rates and generate up to $23 per email sent.

THMotorsports‘ framework:

Users who saw a personalized welcome from their friend signed up at a 71% higher rate.

1st email [10 minutes after abandonment]: Open rate = 69%; CTR = 14%; Revenue = $42,362
2nd [1 day]: Open rate = 65%; CTR = 15%; Revenue = $11,802
3rd [3 days]: Open rate = 43%; CTR = 6%; Revenue = $18,530
4th [1 month]: Open rate = 46%; CTR = 3%; Revenue = $4,714

Legion Athletics‘ framework (offer no discount in the first email and ‘10% off’ in emails two and three):

1st [30 minutes]: Open rate = 63%; CTR = 10%; Revenue = $26,495
2nd [1 day]: Open rate = 58%; CTR = 16%; Revenue = $26,978
3rd [3 days]: Open rate = 55%; CTR = 17%; Revenue = $29,589

Peak Design‘s framework (the first email asks if they had any issues with checking out, the second offers 5% off + free shipping):

1st [2 hours]: Open rate = 65%; CTR = 12%; Revenue = $57,751
2nd [30 hours]: Open rate = 57%; CTR = 18%; Revenue = $87,680 ($23 per email sent)



Taktical Growth Hacks - revenue

Growth Hack #3 –
Earn More Leads With Positive Reinforcement:

A company added one simple element to their signup box. It increased conversions into leads by 11%.

An online mortgage application took up to 20 minutes. Because of all the data that was required.

The process consisted of 2 parts:
1. Signup box: Enter your first name and email address.
2. Fill out the full application.

The company added one simple element to their signup box.

It increased the number of fully completed applications (= leads) by 11%.

What element did they add?

They added to their signup box a simple checkbox: “”YES! I am ready for a better rate today!””

By asking users for a small, positive action up front and a reminder about the outcome, they’ve reinforced their commitment to the process.

Result: +11% more leads.



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