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Taktical Growth Hacks – #132

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Growth Hack #1
– This Small Change Boosted Profits +10.7% (And Took Less than 5 Minutes):

Software marketing blogger Alwin ran an interesting experiment. He wanted to A/B test what photo of him on his landing pages would generate more profits.

He tested the following two versions:
#A: Serious Alwin 😐
#B: Smiling Alwin 🙂

Here were the results:

Smiling Alwin won! 🙂

Compared to serious Alwin, here’s how the smiling version performed:
+1.3% more sign ups
+9.9% more sales
+10.7% more total profits



Growth Hack #2 – A 1-Minute Hack to Increase Your Email Open Rate:

Do you send mass marketing emails?

If yes:

1. Take the SAME email you sent and CHANGE the subject line to something new.
2. Email it out a week later JUST TO YOUR NON-OPENS.

The result? 

30%+ more opens.



Taktical growth hacks - fb ad settings

Growth Hack #3 – 2 Clicks to Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Targeting Settings on Facebook:

Ever wanted to find out the targeting settings of your competitors on Facebook?

Here‘s how to do it:

1. Find an ad in your news feed.
2. Click on the top right arrow and select “Why am I seeing this”.

The image above shows you what you’ll see.

Put these findings to use and test these targeting settings in your ads.

Source: Taktical Digital


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