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Taktical Growth Hacks – #133


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Taktical Growth Hacks - personalize email

Growth Hack #1 – +150% Revenue With Personalized Emails:

Udemy found that revenue generated in the first week correlated with an increased customer lifetime value. So, they ran a welcome email A/B test:

A. The control email welcomed new users with 50% off any course.

B. The variable email leveraged behavioral data to serve up a course that the user had already expressed interest in. They included that course in the email header, along with the same 50% off coupon for a certain course.


Version B earned +150% more revenue.



Growth Hack #2 – Turn 200% More Web Visitors Into Leads

Most sites get 2 times more traffic from mobile than from desktop. This number of mobile users is growing rapidly, but a ton of people still make this huge mistake:

They don’t optimize their landing pages for mobile devices.

String Automotive (now Experianoptimized just a single button for mobile devicesand as a result they increased leads by 200%.

What did they do?

They added a single click-to-call CTA above the fold.

Example of a click-to-call CTA: +1 (234) 567-8910

Why it worked so well?

Probably because, according to a study61% of people find it extremely important to be able to call the business before making a purchase.


Taktical Growth Hacks - backlink

Growth Hack #3 – A Simple SEO Trick for Backlinks From Sites With 10-50 DA:

You know how hard it is to convince owners of the high-authority websites to place a link to your website.

How about an easier way: Buy a high-authority 10-50 DA (domain authority) website for $100!


1. Buy an expired, dropped domain with 10-50 DA. It turns out there are a lot of them expiring every day!

Here’s a cool free online tool to show you powerful domains that expire soon:

2. Once you buy it, have it hosted in a Data Center different from what you use now.

3. Then there 2 ways to build links:

3.1: Restore content from (you may have copyrighting issues) and then place a bunch of links to your website.

3.2. Place an article of yours with a link to your target website.

Boom! You’ve got a link from a 10-50 DA website and it really was that easy.


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