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Taktical Growth Hacks – #135

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Growth Hack #1
– A Quick Trick for 2X More Headline Clicks:

We gathered some intel on what makes a great headline. Here’s what we found:

– Headlines with numbers are 2x more likely to generate clicks vs. “how to” headlines, according to research by Conductor.

– And a study of 150 000 headlines revealed that odd-numbered headlines have a 20% better CTR than headlines with even numbers.

– In an analysis of over 3 million headlines, Outbrain found using [brackets] in a headline bumped up CTR by 38%.



Growth Hack #2
– How a $1 Product Generated $240M in Revenue:

You know the Dollar Shave Club. Before they were acquired for $1B in 2016, they generated $240M/year in revenue.

How is it possible to generate this amount of revenue with just a $1 product? With the power of UPSELLS.

1. “$1-dollar razor”. Think about it: This is a compelling, disruptive statement to attract attention.

2. When you went to their site, you could see 3 options to choose from: $1/month, $6/month and $9/month. Important: Additional products are included in the higher plans.

3. 73% of their sales were coming from their $6 and $9 models.

If you don’t believe us, McDonald’s does the same thing with their $1-menu cheeseburger: They offer, additionally, the fries and soda at a $1.14 margin.

In the end, 86% of the profit is made from fries and soda.


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Growth Hack #3
– Let Others Sing Your Praises:

Show, don’t tell. If people love your product, use their quotes and words to advocate, rather than superlatives that describe your product.

Here’s an example of two ways to write a testimonial:

” ‘The Snack’ app is the latest and best way to get growth snacks on the go. Our users learn so much.”


“@TwitterUser1234 – ‘I love “The Snack” app. I’ve learned so many new cool ways of growing my startup – it’s super helpful!’ “

Clearly, the one that uses a customer quote is more convincing.

Embed positive tweets/social posts about experiences with your product, share short testimonials, app store reviews, etc.


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