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Taktical Growth Hacks – #137

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Growth Hack #1 – Steal Your Competitor’s Twitter Following:

How to get email addresses for all of the Twitter followers of any company or person:

1.Use (free trial) to download a file of up to 50K people who follow your competitor or a related product on Twitter.

2. Upload the file to Anymail finder, which will give you back email addresses for those followers (20 on their free trial).

3. Email them with the subject that includes your competitor’s name: “I saw that you follow [X] on Twitter.


Growth Hack #2 – 14- vs. 30-Day Free Trials for 102% More Users:

It’s not necessarily true that the longer the free trial, the higher the conversions to paid subscriptions.

When Neil Patel tested a 14-day free trial versus an original 30-day free trial, the same number of people signed up for each trial length.

But 102% more people used the product when they signed up for the 14-day trial versus the 30-day trial.

He quickly learned that with the 30-day trial, people felt that they had a lot of time, and they forgot about using the product even when sent email reminders.



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Growth Hack #3 – Avoid This Huge Mistake When Sending Emails:

DON’T send mass email newsletters or product transaction emails from a “no-reply” send address!

When you do this, you’re missing out on a chance to get user replies to train inbox prioritization & opens.

DO send from a branded domain and/or a named email (e.g. “[email protected]”).

A reply helps with customer insights, can be a potential conversion gateway, and is arguably the ultimate activation/engagement metric!

Source: 500 Startups


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