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Taktical Growth Hacks – #141

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Growth Hack #1 – The Most Efficient Way to Boost Organic Reach on Facebook:

If you just post on your Facebook page, on average, less than 1% of fans will see it.

You can increase your organic reach through paid promotion. This works because the more people who engage with your post, the higher your organic reach will be.

But: It can cost you a bunch of money.

Here’s how to promote more efficiently and get more engagement for less money:

Re-market only to people who like/comment/share your Facebook posts. This audience will deliver the highest engagement per $1 invested.

How can you do this?

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager – Audiences.
2. Click “Create Audience” in the top left corner.
3. Select “Custom Audience.”
4. Click on the option “Engagement”.
5. Select “Facebook Page” from the menu.
6. Click the “Page” dropdown and select the Page whose engagement you want to retarget.
7. Click the “Everyone who engaged with your Page” dropdown.
8. Choose “People who engaged with any post or ad.”
9. In the “In The past” field, enter 30 days past the engagement.
10. Name your audience.
11. Hit “Create audience.”
12. Target your Facebook ads to this audience.



Growth Hack #2 – Improve Page Speed by Optimizing Images:

Lots of people forget that a big part of your Google rankings are based on how quickly your website loads. Google even offers a “Pagespeed Insights” tool.

The most common problem for websites is unoptimized images. Designers aren’t keen on crappy image quality.

SEO ninja Jacob Hagberg suggests this quick hack to fix this:

Optimize images with the “LOSSY” Filter from to reduce 50% of the image size without loss of quality.

Source: Jacob Hagberg


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Growth Hack #3 – Convert Trial Users to Paid As Fast As Possible:

Does your product have a free trial?

If so, somewhere in the middle of that free trial, offer users a one time chance to end their free trial early in exchange for a big discount, like a free month.

Send an email, text, or push notification (if you have an app) that reads something like:

End Trial Now – Get 1 Month Free. This special offer expires in 59:59 minutes”.

And then make sure to have the clock count down to inspire even more urgency.

Source: GrowthHacks


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