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Taktical Growth Hacks – #142

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Growth Hack #1 – Privacy Copy Can Cost You 18.7% of Conversions:

A company tested two checkboxes for an email signup box.

Version A: just said “Terms and Conditions”
Version B: Said “100% privacy – We will never spam you”.

The treatment with the privacy policy reduced conversions by 18.70%. The result was completely counter-intuitive, but it teaches an important lesson: simply adding a privacy policy doesn’t guarantee more sing-ups. In fact, it can seriously reduce your conversion rate.

Tests indicated that the word “spam” had an undesirable effect – even when used to assure visitors that they would not receive any spam. The hypothesis is that by placing the word spam in close proximity of the form, you actually plant an idea in the minds of the prospects:

“Oh wait, could they actually end up spamming me?”



Growth Hack #2 – 60K Facebook Ad Examples From Every Industry:

You set up your next Facebook ad A/B test and you get stuck. Sound familiar?

Here‘s how you can break a creativity wall in seconds.

Have a look at this catalog of over 60K Facebook Ad examples from every industry:

You can filter them by Ad placement, Industry, Metric, Etc.

Browse the list and find ads with the highest engagement rates. If businesses invested a lot of money in them, it must be for a reason.

They’re worth paying attention to – and copying a few insights from – for your next A/B test.



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Growth Hack #3 – Piggyback on Influencers With This Smart SEO Hack:

Have you ever wanted to be promoted by influencers and everybody who promotes influencers?

Besides promotion, you’ll be able to get very powerful backlinks, which are so vital for SEO.

So here’s the hack:

1. Use Ahrefs to see which of your competition gets the most traffic.

2. Look at their most popular pages / highest traffic.

3. See who links to those posts.

4. Take the juiciest, data-driven pieces of content from those posts.

5. Use 99 designs, Fiverr or Dribble to pay a designer to create an infographic, then cite the post.

6. Go to all the people who linked and tell them you created an infographic. Ask them to embed the image and host the infographic on your site.

Boom! It’s a Win-win-win for all the sides.



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