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Taktical Growth Hacks – #147

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Growth Hack #1 – 300% More Shares With 1 Simple Change:

Winnie – an app for parents – had a Share button on every post, but not too many people used it.

Then they made one change and saw a 300% boost in shares.

What did they do?

1. They removed the Share button from every post.
2. Instead, they replaced it with a Save button, so that users could create their own collection of interesting posts.
3. Then they added the Share button on the collection of bookmarked posts.

Boom! +300% more shares.



Growth Hack #2 – 48% More Instagram Video Views From IGTV:

People are still way too hesitant to move their IGTV preview into the feed.

True: It is not that great looking. But, Instagram favors IGTV in the feed.

So, when you tick the box for preview, your video will earn maximum traction.

We have lately seen up to 48% more views on videos that were posted to IGTV than similar videos posted to the feed.

We have also seen more engagement from these videos that are on IGTV.

Pro tip: You should use IGTV and the preview function no matter what. But, if you don’t want it to mess up the look of your feed, then you do have the option to only keep it there for the first 12h.

Source: This growth hack was sent by fellow subscriber, Cordula Pflügl, from @africanbushcamps. Thanks, Cordula! Don’t forget to send in your own growth hack for the chance to be featured in a future issue.


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Growth Hack #3 – 2 Words that Decrease CPC by 2 Times:

Would you like to decrease your cost per conversion by 2.58 times? Of course you do!

This is exactly what AdEspresso managed to achieve with just 2 words while A/B testing tons of ads.

What are these 2 words?

Have a look at the 2 A/B tests in the image above.

Did you notice those 2 powerful words?

They are: “Free ebook”.

Creating less distraction and maximizing focus on these 2 words always generated huge improvements for them.



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