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Taktical Growth Hacks – #150

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Growth Hack #1 – Last-Minute Growth Hacks for Q4: A Big List of Little Ideas:

Looking for some quick tips that can give your brand a boost as we approach the end of Q4? Look no further:

– All discounts should be at least 20% off. Anything less isn’t a holiday deal and will be outdone by competing products.

– Experiment with “dollars off” language rather than “percent off” for products over $50.

– Auto-apply your discounts site wide, rather than asking people to look for coupon codes

– Bundle your smaller products into bigger items. People often do not by overly small gifts; a bundle of different products or multiple of the same one offers the opportunity to sell it as a gift.

– Focus on urgency: Repeatedly tell your visitors that time is running out. Consider a countdown timer.

– Figure out when is your last-minute, guaranteed-by-Christmas shipping date. Then, run a special promotion/email focused on that deadline.

And here are a couple of tips for NEXT YEAR:

– Increase your prospecting traffic heavily in the days and weeks leading up to Black Friday in order to maximize retargeting pools.

– Triple the rate at which you send emails to cart abandons and past customers.

Happy holidays! 🎁⛄


Growth Hack #2 – The Right Way to Do Loyalty Cards:

Researchers handed out loyalty cards at a car wash. The cards offered a stamp for every car wash the customer bought.

Half of the cards had spots for eight stamps, with a free car wash offered for collecting all eight.

The other half had spots for ten stamps, but two of the spots came pre-stamped.

(oooooooo vs ooooooooXX)

The result?

The pre-stamped cards resulted in 178% more repeat business than the unstamped ones.

Source: Shopify


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Growth Hack #3 – A Rich Snippet for Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Limited-Time Sale:

We all know that urgency increases conversion rates. People are more inclined to make a purchase if they see a limited stock level, or something that says “Buy now – the offer will expire soon!”

The Limited Availablity JSON-LD Code will help inform the search engines that you are running a time-limited sale. This way, they can include this info in your rich snippets.

Here’s the code:

Also, this code will let you specify the number of items on sale, a short campaign description, and location.



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