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Taktical Growth Hacks – #152

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Growth Hack #1 – The NUMBER ONE Reason People Abandon Their Carts on eCommerce Sites:

The answer is super simple: Unexpected shipping costs. Seriously.

A survey by Visual Website Optimizer found that 28% of shoppers who abandoned their carts did so because of unexpected shipping costs. In fact, it was the greatest cause cited by respondents.

The solution: You can charge for shipping, but be super visible about it.

What do we mean? Well, include it on the product page so that your users know exactly what they’ll be paying.

People don’t mind paying for shipping, they just don’t like being surprised.



Growth Hack #2 – The 3 Magic Words of Mobile Advertising:

Adbasis created a lot of ad tests before they were acquired by AirBnB – a LOT. We’re talking over 3,000 ad tests in a year.

Some were mobile ad tests, some were not. But no matter what industry, vertical, or audience, there are three magic words that can drastically improve your mobile conversion rate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, you need mobile-specific content and these three words will help.

What are these 3 magic words?


The average increase in conversion rate based on the 42 positive examples is +36.6%. Yes, this single test on average increased conversion rate by 36.6%.

12 times out of 48 this test more than doubled conversion rate (100%+ lifts).



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Growth Hack #3 – 4 Steps to Reap the Rewards of Your Competitors’ Popularity:

Competitors or related companies might have a huge following on Twitter.

Here’s the thing: that’s a reason to celebrate because it represents all the more growth to hack!

How to do this:

Step 1: Visit and download a report on your target Twitter account’s followers (a free account can get you 50,000 contacts).

Step 2: Submit the list of usernames and URLs to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and crowdsource the email addresses.

Step 3: Pop these users into a Google mail merge (or the mailing software of your choice) with the subject line “I saw you follow xxxxxx”

Step 4: Profit


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