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Taktical Growth Hacks – #153

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Growth Hack #1 -Trying to Gain 349% More B2B Leads? Change Your Tone:

Marketing Experiments ran a test to see which copy tone would result in a higher rate of lead inquiries?

Here are examples of each type of tone they looked at:

1: Selling tone: You are one step away from getting free access to …

2. Helping tone. We are just here to provide you with whatever assistance you need in [reaching customer`s goal] …

The result?

#2 – the helping tone – saw a 349% increase in total lead inquiries.



Growth Hack #2 – Try the Soft Sell for 66% More Conversions:

Asking your users to pay after their trial expires is a hard stop to the user’s experience. Try to do it softer.


By giving them an option after their trial period has expired:

1. “Select your paid plan.”


2. “Request a 5 day extension.” (They will be asked for their credit card information, but won’t be charged yet)

Trial extensions converted to paid customers at a rate of 66%.



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Growth Hack #3 – The Perfect Piece of Content, According to Top Editors:

More than 500 editors at top sites like BuzzFeed, TIME, Lifehacker, Scientific American, TechCrunch were asked, “What characteristic does the perfect piece of content possess?

Here’s what they said:

15% said “Emotional Stories”
19% said “Relevant Content”
27% said “Breaking News”
39% said “Exclusive Research”

Offer these kinds of stories and you’ll land more press.



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