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Taktical Growth Hacks – #154

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Growth Hack #1 – The One Addition to a Job Posting That Attracts Top Talent:

Your growth depends on a great team, but it’s hard to compete with giants in the marketplace.

Try to include a “Who You’ll Work With” section in your job posting as a personal touch that’s rarely applied. It stands out and adds a human element in a meaningful way.

Here’s how that section should look:

1. Highlight the 3-4 people they’ll work closest with.
2. Place emphasis on why it’s rewarding to work with them.
3. Include at least one person in a leadership role.

Bonus: Include articles from your peers about your company culture.



Growth Hack #2 – How MailChimp Promotes Their New Products:

Mailchimp does something a little differently when it comes to displaying their latest products or features to existing users.

Instead of taking you directly to their home site to – as many web apps usually do – they show these in the logout screen.

What they’re doing is taking advantage of that user action to get a last opportunity to get your attention.

If you want to see it live, sign out of your Mailchimp account. You’ll notice you’re taken to a split-screen, with some type of Mailchimp promotional content on the right.



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Growth Hack #3 – Overcome Credit Card Objections in 4 Easy Steps:

CrazyEgg tested the following modifications to their signup process to get over twice as many people to give them credit card info:

1. Added a FAQ answering, “Why do you need my credit card for a free trial?” (Answer: To prevent multiple free trials for one person).
2. Added an explanation: “Nothing will be billed for 30 days. You can cancel at any time.”
3. Added a list of companies that use their product.
4. Order total: Changed from “$49 per month” to “$0 for 30 days” + small text “after 30 days: $49 per month”.

How did Crazy egg even think to do this?

Well, they installed a survey tool on the checkout page so they could understand what objections were on the minds of visitors right there.

This helped to create an FAQ box that countered those objections.



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