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Taktical Growth Hacks – #155

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Growth Hack #1 – Increase Adds to Cart +11.9% Without Social Sharing:

Social proof can work both ways. removed social sharing buttons from its product pages. This one change increased ‘add to cart’ actions by 11.9%.


The number of shares on most of the product pages was zero.

While a high number of shares and likes acts as positive reinforcement, a low number of shares breeds distrust in the mind of the customer about both the company and the quality of the product.



Growth Hack #2 – Geo-Target Your Testimonial Pages:

Pipedrive’s testimonials are dynamic. Based on where you are located, they show you testimonials from local businesses in your area.

If you’re in San Francisco and log into their platform, you’ll notice only Californian testimonials.

It’s a subtle thing to do, but people are far more likely to recognize brands and companies that are in their local area, making the testimonials far more powerful.


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Growth Hack #3 – +63% CTR With Negative Headlines:

Outbrain, the leading native content advertiser, compared 65,000 paid blog article advertisement titles. They contained positive (“always” or “best”) superlatives, negative (“never” or “worst”) superlatives, and no superlatives.


Headlines with negative superlatives performed 30% better than ones without superlatives.

And the average click-through rate on headlines with negative superlatives was a staggering 63% higher than that of their positive counterparts.



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