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Taktical Growth Hacks – #156

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Growth Hack #1 – Attract 27% More Customers Searching for Coupons:

ComScore found that 27% of people who searched for a coupon code never returned to purchase.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Remove the coupon code field.
2. Use direct links, which have a coupon code attached.

Macy’s added a link to “Find one now” near “Have a promo code?”. The link shows page listings with current discount codes, keeping customers on their site.



Growth Hack #2 – Facebook Posts on Weekends Win:

Ever wonder why this weekly email goes out on Sunday?

No competition. That’s why. You’re not busy on Sunday at 4pm, so you can open this email and enjoy.

Apparently, the same is true for Facebook. Quicksprout analyzed 8 BILLION (with a B) Facebook posts. They discovered that the weekend is your best bet.

Additional note: Posting between 9pm and 11pm local time is also a good option



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Growth Hack #3 – Be Super Clear with Calls to Action for +213% CTR:

ContentVerve has a case study showing that adding a few clarifying words can significantly increase conversions.

Here’s what they discovered:

Changing the CTA copy from, “Get Membership” to, “Find Your Gym & Get Membership” increased click through to the payment page by 213.16%.

Lesson learned: get specific in your offer without going overboard with copy.



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