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Taktical Growth Hacks – #162

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Growth Hack #1 – Add Popup Annotations to Mobile YouTube Videos:

YouTube has 2 billion users who watch 1 billion hours of video every day.  And, more than 70% of YouTube traffic come from mobile devices.

Adding annotations to a video boosts your views/retention? 

But. . .and this is a big but: 

Annotations don’t show up on mobile!

Here’s how to fix it:

Use YouTube Cards instead.

1. Go to your YouTube channel.

2. Click your video.

3. Click on the cards icon.

4. Press “Add card”



Growth Hack #2 – Make App Onboarding a Breeze By Looking to Leaders in the Field:

Don’t copy brand name onboarding/activation flows because they’re famous.

Copy them because THEY WORK.

Major apps with massive user bases in every field and subject matter have already trained people to follow a set activation flow.

In fact, regardless of what type of app you’re launching, your new users are probably already their existing users.

Let them do what they’re used to.

Source: 500 Startups


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Growth Hack #3 – 127% More Clicks By Using Buttons in Emails:

Research shows that most people scan email campaigns rather than reading them word-for-word. So, text links will often go overlooked. Instead, using buttons for your call to action means they will stand out to skimmers.

Campaign Monitor tested this theory, running a campaign where one version had a button to get the click, and another version had text.

The result?

127% more clicks from the version using a button CTA! 



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