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Taktical Growth Hacks – #165

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marketing growth hacks - youtube ads

Growth Hack #1 – Bypass YouTube’s Remarketing Pixel Restrictions:

Jordan Gutierrez from Wishpond found after a bunch of A/B tests that YouTube video ads are, by far, the most effective retargeting tool out there. But YouTube does not support remarketing pixels. 

You can, however, still create a remarketing list only out of people who watched your videos.

In order to handle this, Wishpond`s team created and embedded short videos for each of their most popular articles. To do this, they used a white-screen video without sound, 1 second in length, and autoplayed it on every page with this invisible code:

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” style=“position: absolute; left: -500px;”></iframe>



Growth Hack #2 – HTML Buttons in Email Increase Conversions by 28%:

Here’s a simple but effective change to make to your emails.

Campaign Monitor sent their emails with the link as a Call to Action at the bottom.

Then, they changed the link to an HTML button.

 Result: their click-throughs increased by 28%.



marketing growth hacks - Kaya skin clinic

Growth Hack #3 – One Simple CTA Change for 137% More Conversions:

Kaya Skin Clinic tried optimizing their landing page by changing the call to action above the form.

Original CTA: “For a skin consultation register here”

NEW CTA: “I want an expert opinion. Sign me up for a free skin consult!”

Result: Conversion rate went from 4% to 9.5%! That’s a nearly 137% increase!

Added bonus: They added a Facebook likes counter and conversion jumped another 70%.



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