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Taktical Growth Hacks – #176

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Growth Hack #1 – 5 Video Tutorials From an Expert to Crush It at Facebook Advertising:

It’s been PPC ad expert Savannah Sanchez’s personal mission over the last year to share the best paid social advice via her Twitter, Facebook Group, and Youtube. 

She just released 5 new videos that will teach you how she approaches (and wins at) Facebook ads:

1. My Advanced Facebook Account Structure For E-commerce:

You don’t need anything more complicated than this structure in order to run an ad account effectively. Sanchez has used close variations of this structure to scale:

Video :

2. My Simplified Facebook Account Structure For E-commerce:

Just launching a new ad account? Do not fear! Follow this super basic structure that she’s used to scale many ad accounts:


3. Setting Up Your Default Account Columns in Facebook Ads Manager:

Here’s what metrics Sanchez uses to track success on her Facebook campaigns. Follow this easy tutorial to see how to set up your own column:


4. Building Custom and Lookalike Audiences on Facebook:

Sanchez walks through the steps of audience building on Facebook ads manager:


And lastly (but most importantly) – 

5. Understanding Kill Targets & Delay Attribution Multipliers:

This is probably the most important part about media buying on Facebook. You have to understand your metrics across the full funnel and how delayed attribution will affect your end of most ROAS.




Growth Hack #2 – What Drops Conversions -36% and Increases Them +96%? The Answer:

Unbounce analyzed 2,345,864 exit intent popup views and uncovered 2 insights:

1. The first dropped their conversions by 36%.

2. The second increased them by 96%.


They A/B tested:

A: 900x700px popup.


B: 800×500px popup.

Result: The 900x700px popup turned out to be too large for some browsers. As a result, it reduced load/view ratio and overall impressions by 36%. Meanwhile, the 800×500 px popup increased conversions 96% comparatively.




Growth Hack #3 – The 2 Biggest Email Mistakes From Analyzing 100M:

Noah Kagan, founder at Sumo (AppSumo) has sent more than 100M emails. Here are the 2 biggest mistakes he learned:

#1. A couple years ago, he tested segmentation and spent tons of time and a lot of money. The result? He found that segmentation isn’t worth the effort.

Non-segmented emails generate 3.19X more revenue than segmented.

#2. So many brands only put a CTA at the end of the email. But, very few people who open that email are going to make it down the page (on average 80% read only the first screen).

It means that by placing your CTA at the top of your emails, you can see around 4 times more conversions.



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