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Taktical Growth Hacks – #177

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Growth Hack #1 – How to Overcome a 75% Bounce Rate (A Twitter Study):

A few years back, over 75% of Twitter’s users weren’t coming back. So, they set out solve the problem in the following 4 steps:

1. The team separated out the engaged users from those who dropped off.

2. Then they studied: Of those people who get it, what’s different about them?

3. They discovered patterns that indicated that if you follow at least 30 people, you’re likely to remain engaged.

4. So they redesigned the product to help everyone get to this number faster.



Growth Hack #2 – How Neil Patel Gained $25K in Revenue From Commenting on Other Blogs:

Neil Patel ran an interesting experiment. For 1 month, he commented on different blogs.

Here are his findings:

1. Short (1 to 4-word) comments generated 3.2 visitors per comment.

2. Long (4 to 17-sentence) comments drove 17.4 visitors per comment (5x more).

3. Mainstream, broad blogs drove visitors but no conversions.

4. When his comment was higher on the page it drove more traffic.

5. Only comments on guest posts he wrote generated real leads.

He generated 7 leads from guest posts on others’ sites, which resulted in $25,000 in revenue.




Growth Hack #3 – A 3-Step Plan for Effective Selling:

The most effective reciprocity is indirect, not overt (salesy). Turn this fact into action with the following, 3-step plan:

1. Give: Provide an incentive to potential customers with the following phrases: “Free offer”, “free service”, “surprisingly good”, “no strings attached”. 

2. WAIT. Disassociate Give step from Ask step. Doing so makes the whole process feel less like a sale and more genuine.

3. Ask.Now that you’ve waited, you can make your request with the following phrases: “Sign up”, “purchase”, “refer your friends”.  

Source: 500 Startups


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