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Taktical Growth Hacks – #34



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Use Amazon to Spy On Your Competition:

Everyone knows Amazon is a powerful place to be able to sell your products online. However, not many people realize that Amazon is just one monster leaderboard for all types of products (and their sellers).

  1. Find competitors. Protip: check page 2 and sponsored listings.
  2. Customer reviews. Don’t just look at products in your category; get lateral insights on customers in an entire psychographic. Example: if you sell a premium food subscription, look at product reviews for organic cotton sheets.


Use Videos to Boost Sales by 30%:

Zappos (over 1 Billion dollars in sales a year) used videos to describe and demonstrate products with real Zappos employees – not models or actors.

Those videos are said to have a positive sales impact of 6 to 30%.


positive sales impact

+10% Email Open Rates!

HubSpot analyzed 6.4 million emails and gained these interesting findings:

  1. 80% fewer emails are sent over the weekend.
  2. Emails sent over the weekend are 10% more likely to be opened. Ever notice when THIS email is sent? 😉
  3. Emails with no subject altogether were opened 8% more than those with a subject line.



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