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Taktical Growth Hacks – #37



Ecommerce Store

Run an Ecommerce Store? Offer a Sales Section!

Do you have a section for sales and specials?

An E-tailing Group study found that 47% of online buyers would only buy discounted products.

62% said they are looking for a section that identifies sales and specials.


Limited Supply = 31% increase in sales/signups !

Alladin Happy ran a bunch of A/B tests on a music startup.

Among them, we tried to test how adding “X spots left” affects conversions.

We tried different numbers from 1 to 31.

The Results:
1. The best conversions come from “2 spots left”.
2. When you test 2 identical copies, the one including “2 spots left” shows a 31% increase in conversions.

Protip: This can work just as well on ecommerce sites, by showing “in stock” numbers”


ecommerce sites

38% More Signups with Larger Font

Quote Roller, a sales proposal creation and monitoring tool, conducted this test in-house using in-house testing technology. The team measured all free trial accounts created regardless of the pricing plan selected. The trial did not require a credit card.

One variant had a larger font on the left side, the other had a smaller font.

The winner was the larger font, with a 38% increase in free trial signups!


The Fundamentals of Data Driven Outbound Sales

The Comprehensive Guide To Facebook Ad Objectives | appsoar


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