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Taktical Growth Hacks – #38



Countdown Timer

+8.6% Conversion Rate by Adding a Countdown Timer:

An ecommerce shop experimented by adding a “countdown for next day shipping” on their product pages and tested it against a version with no timer.

The result was a huge increase in sales of people who wanted to lock in next day shipping!


Increase Clicks on Emails +120% With More Links:

A study analyzed how the number of links (from 1 to >30) affected Click-Throughs.


Emails with 2-3 links and a single call to action convert at a rate that is 120% better than those with just one and 46% better than those with 4 or more.



Get Blog Post Ideas From!

Out of content / email / landing page ideas?

Use Quora to gut-check demand / potential traffic volume:
– Keyword search Quora for your key term(s)
– Set it to “Questions” only
– Look for the most popular questions
– Create content that answers THEIR questions



How To Build Backlinks – A Link Strategy From 5,734 Anchor Texts | SEOJet Blog

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