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Taktical Growth Hacks – #39

Growth Hacks:

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Prevent the Loss of Sales by Using This Simple Price Match Popup When People Try to “Copy Paste” Your Items

You can’t avoid your customers checking if the same product you are selling is cheaper somewhere else; that’s a fact. But if you know they are doing it, at least you can do something about it and maybe counteroffer.

Basically they noticed that you are copying that product name and likely you would search for that same product either through Google or Amazon to find a better deal.

Here’s a link on how to implement a trigger to let you know when a product name is highlighted:

100 Times More Traffic From Facebook

Graziashop mixed content marketing (Fashion Stories) and e-commerce, and started a storytelling-based online shop.

The main idea was to make it look and feel like an already familiar print editorial (an education + entertainment: expert tips, explore a current trend, the history behind a certain fashion piece), which would provide readers with an instant shopping opportunity.

Then they started to create Facebook posts that draw attention away from sales to this engaging content.

As a result, their traffic from Facebook increased by over 100 times.

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The Magic Rule of 7

A well known rule of marketing: It can take up to 7 “touches” or more before people will consider buying your stuff — almost no one buys on the first go.

How do you do this efficiently:
– Content marketing and ads
– Do Website Retargeting
– Grab Emails
– SELL ON THE BACKEND through your email drip campaigns.

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