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Taktical Growth Hacks – #50

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Growth Hacks:

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Leverage the Secrets of Netflix:

Netflix has 81 million subscribers, and they keep close tabs on all of us. Netflix recently published what they learned when they experimented with the best images to use to get people to watch new content:

1. They tested variations of the main image used to promote the latest series of ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’. The winning image was the one with 2 faces expressing astonishment.

2. Using images of villainous characters worked better than those that highlighted the hero.

3. Netflix also found that images that contain more than three people lead to a significant drop in user engagement.


Why Your YouTube Videos Suck:

Wista analyzed millions of videos that contain “Calls to Action” for viewers to buy or signup. This is what they found:

– CTAs at the end of the video don’t perform as well as CTAs in the start or middle. More people are watching and they get sold faster than you think! +350% improvement.

– Image CTAs outperform Text by 30%.

-Videos with CTA that included the word:
+ “Free” converted 12.22%
+ “You”: 9.6%
+ “Signup”: 19.5%


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Need Ideas on What To Write About? Follow the leader!

Build viral content by reverse engineering what is already hot.

1. Buzzsumo — look for hits, re-use key terms w/ new spin.
2. Google Trends — look for trending topics to “news-jack” trending keywords.

Source: 500startups

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