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Taktical Growth Hacks – #51

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Growth Hacks:

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Stop Wasting Google AdWords Dollars!

Over the last three years, Disruptive Advertising analyzed hundreds of millions of dollars of Google Adwords ad spend (~100 billion impressions).

Here are the golden nuggets that they uncovered:

1. 61% of budgets were spent on search terms that never converted (= wasted).

2. There’s only a 1.2% chance (almost no chance) that improving your ad copy or landing pages will improve your CPC if your ad spend is being wasted on the wrong search terms.

3. Every 10% increase in wasted ad spend increases your cost-per-conversion (CPC) by 44-72%. That means if you stop wasting your money on the wrong search terms (61%), you can decrease your CPC by 264%-432%!


Keep Dying Ads Alive:

If your campaign is losing steam, refresh the ad, not the offer.

1. Update copy (headline, subhead)
2. Test new images (colors, subject emotion)
3. Re-optimize landing pages
4. Test additional segments + new targeting

Source: 500startups

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Exact Match Domains are BACK:

In the past, people doing SEO would try to grab exact match domain names to the keyword, like “”. This method became less effective in recent years and is not implemented much anymore.

But those days are over! According to a study by, the HIGHEST correlating factor for websites that rank in the top of google are exact match domains! Go figure!


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