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Taktical Growth Hacks – #53

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Growth Hacks:

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Direct Message Your Social Followers:

When new users follow you on Twitter, send them an automatic Direct Message with a link to your most shared/popular article or your best products (lead magnet).

CrowdFireApp can do this for you.

Mobile Users: Adaptive or Responsive Design?

A big question has loomed over digital marketers for years. Which is better for mobile: Adaptive or Responsive? We now have an answer….

Responsive websites are designed as one singular website for all users, the website will change it’s look depending on what screen size it is being viewed on.

Adaptive websites are broken up, the server will recognize that a mobile phone is trying to view the site and will show them a totally different experience (for example,

A recent study by catchpoint found that adaptive websites, on average, load 200% faster than Responsive ones.

If you wanna know what that matters…see the next Growth Hack!




Speed Matters:

Amazon recently revealed an internal study that proved that every 1 second of delay in site load time costs them $1.6 BILLION in sales.



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