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Taktical Growth Hacks – #63

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – Three Bonus Tips for a LinkedIn Boost:

For a quick way to leverage your LinkedIn, try these three tactics:

#1: Drive traffic to a blog post is by using an interesting status of around 800 – 1200 characters, then put the link in the first comment. When the link is in the first comment and not the post itself, it can get 3x more views of the post.

#2: There should be no picture in your post. Picture with post vs. no picture yields 3-5X more views when there isn’t a picture.

#3: Find 100 – 300 of your 1st level connections who get lots of traffic to their profile. Now, give all of them a recommendation. Congrats! You can earn more than three hundred backlinks from their profile to yours, and become a LinkedIn SEO MVP.

Growth Hack #2 – Earn 340K+ Views on Quora:

Quora is the question-and-answer platform that many marketers overlook. But, it can be used to build your email list, earn organic views on posts, drive members to your online community, and so much more.

Before you write the most epic Quora answer, style your content for more engagement:

1. Be human (i.e. use metaphors and similes to describe your emotions)
2. Optimize for mobile (make your paragraphs one or two sentences)
3. Bold your first sentence, important statements, and transitions
4. Remove all extra words, including “very,” “really,” and “that.”
5. Use heavy contrast (i.e. “little did I know it would turn for the worst”)
6. Reflect on pain (i.e. “I could barely crawl out of bed”)
7. Inspire (always end on a positive call to action)
8. Use bullet points and numbering
9. Italicize most questions

That’s what Josh Fechter did to earn over 340K views on this answer.

Source: Josh Fechter

Taktical Growth Hacks - reverse image search

Growth Hack #3 – Earn Backlinks With Reverse Google Image Search:

In just two steps, earn backlinks from other sites that use your website’s images.

1. Go to Google Image Search and click on the little camera icon.

Enter a URL of one of the images of your website and click search.

As you’ll see, there are other websites using this image.

2. Contact the webmaster of the website that are using your image and ask them to link back to you.

It works because it’s your image and they are using it without giving you any link (credit).

Source: Jakub Gorajek

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