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Taktical Growth Hacks – #64

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – How to Create Over 1,000 Pieces of Content in One Year:

Co-founder of BAMF Media, Josh Fechter, creates 1,200 pieces of content over the course of 12 months.

Here are 5 tips straight form the content master himself:

1) Look ahead: Great content creators don’t celebrate after a piece of their content gets lots of engagement. Instead, they’re always thinking about the next piece.
2) Test more, test faster: If you don’t test, then you have no experiments, experiences, and processes to document or compare. This requires you to develop a high tolerance to risk.
3) How you got there matters more than the result: Documenting your journey will 10X the engagement of the result. It makes the result better because people can relate to the story of how it happened.
4) Never wait for permission: If you receive a “no” or have to wait for a “yes,” then you’ve lost valuable time to document your process.
5) Let the exposure come to you: Media exposure doesn’t give you much more than another logo to add to your landing page. Quality content will give you media, customers, and build relationships.

Growth Hack #2 – Target Prospects That Didn’t Finish Your Onboarding Process:

A prospect made it through the first several steps of investing their time in required tutorials, but then stopped halfway through.

It’s time to trigger a Facebook ad.

Tools like Driftrock and Autopilot can help using automation.

Here are two types of ads you can use to target them:
1) a video containing the last tutorial they left off on
2) a video hyping up their next onboarding step

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Growth Hack #3 – The 8 Epic Tools for Email Marketing:

Boost your email marketing with these eight essentials tools:

Scrape Emails:
1) Scrapebox
Build UTMs Faster:
3) Effin Amazing UTM Builder
Find Email Addresses:
4) Elucify
Extract Email from LinkedIn:
5) ContactOut
Send Mass Cold Emails:
6) GMass
7) Mailshake
Avoid Spam Boxes:
8) Clearout

In Depth Articles:

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