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Taktical Growth Hacks – #66

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Growth Hacks:

Taktical Growth Hacks - email GIFGrowth Hack #1 – 100% Opt-In Rate Without a Landing Page:

Opt-in pages help you get emails. But what if you could get an email without needing a separate page?

Here are the channels for getting emails, minus an opt-in page:
1. Twitter Lead Generation Card.
2. Cold email outreach
3. “Guest emailing” – promotion in someone else’s email list.

Here’s an example through cold email: “You can click here (insert Leadlink) to activate your membership.”

After clicking, a user was automatically subscribed and redirected to a “Thank you” page.

The results:
1. Opt-in rate: 100% (automatic opt-in means 100% success rate)
2. Unsubscribe rate: 3.5%
3. CTR: 12%


Growth Hack #2 – Top 7 Websites to Get Backlinks:

You should always think about where you can get new backlinks. Doing so is the foundation of an effective SEO strategy.

To get those valuable links and boost your rankings, here are the top 7 blog aggregators where your can easily post your articles or connect your RSS:



Taktical Growth Hacks - toolkit

Growth Hack #3 – A Free Tool That Will Be Your Secret Weapon:

Seeding is a strategy for finding your target audience in related tweets, posts on Facebook, forums, and other sites.

Major benefits of seeding are:
1. You acquire new users instantly.
2. Increases your SEO rankings thanks to link building.

Here’s a weapon for your marketing arsenal that does a big chunk of this automaticallyBuzz Bundle.

1. Provide your keywords.
2. The tool scrapes the internet to reveal all the related tweets, posts, and questions.
3. Reply to these without ever leaving the platform.

Here’s the money-saving part: The free version of Buzz Bundle provides access to 30% of posts.


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