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Taktical Growth Hacks – #70

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy With In-Person Events:

The Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs surveyed 1,820 B2B marketers about their preferred tactics.

Of the top 10 strategies identified, 69% said in-person events were the most effective.

Meanwhile, 64% listed webinars/webcasts as their top strategy.

Here’s the rest of the list:

3. Videos: 60%
4. Blogs: 60%
5. Case Studies: 58%
6. White Papers: 58%
7. Research Reports: 58%
8. eNewsletters: 58%
9. eBooks: 55%
10. Microsites: 54%


Growth Hack #2 – Increase Engagement Over 5% on Instagram Using the Right Filter:

TrackMaven took a deep dive into Instagram filters to figure out which are the most successful at boosting engagement.

Of the 6 million Instagram posts they analyzed, here’s the top 5 list of filters:

1. Hefe: +5.6%
2. Lo-fi: +5.2%
3. Brannan: +5.1%
4. Nashville: +5.0%
5. Kelvin: +4.5%


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Growth Hack #3 – Increase Conversions 15X on Your Google Ads By Adding a Phone Number:

A survey conducted by Ipsos revealed that 70% of mobile users call directly from Google search results.

By eliminating a step along the funnel, click-to-call leads convert 15.5 times better than web leads.

And, clicks on your phone number are the same cost as headline clicks on Google.

What are you waiting for? Here’s how to add phone numbers to your ads.


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