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Taktical Growth Hacks – #71

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – Use Twitter to Raise Over $1 Million:

So a couple of guys launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new smartwatch and took to Twitter to find people interested in what they were offering right now.

To stand out in this saturated platform, they:

1. Entered different keywords relating to the smartwatch market onto Twitter
2. Switched to the “Live” tab (example)
3. Asked users if they would back their Kickstarter and attached a link directly to the campaign

By the end of the campaign they raised $1,613,874.

Take a look at their tweets here.


Growth Hack #2 – Increase Instagram Engagement 23% With Lucky #7:

At a recent conference, there was a study released of how brands use hashtags on Instagram.

It looked at 150,000 posts and revealed the magic number of hashtags per post that generate the most engagement:

Posts with 7 hashtags were the most successful, and boosted engagement +23%.

Here are the rest of the findings:
– 1 hashtag: +2%
– 2 hashtags: +2.6%
– 3 hashtags: +6%
– 4 hashtags: +8.9%
– 5 hashtags: +12%
– 6 hashtags: +17.5%
– 8 hashtags: +21.4%
– 9 hashtags: +6.5%


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Growth Hack #3 – Improve Your SEO by Abandoning Pop Ups:

Very few website visitors like a pop up ad. As a result, your SEO could take a serious ding.

Here’s how the domino effect plays out:
– A bad ad on a site = poor user experience.
– Poor user experience = penalty from Google.

If you’re using pop-up ads, takeovers, or interstitials on your website or somewhere else, your ranking ing the SERPs will fall.

Avoid this entirely by abandoning the pop up ad strategy and instead implement some tried and true SEO tactics.

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