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Taktical Growth Hacks – #72

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Growth Hacks:

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Growth Hack #1 – Three Ways to Win at Pinterest Ads:

These 3 proven methods will help you excel at Pinterest advertising:

1. Make your best organic Pins your paid Pins: The best Promoted Pins will be your top performing organic Pins. Use your analytics to determine which organic Pins deserve to be promoted.

2. Test variations on how you’re getting people to convert: Two distinct funnel methods to test against each other are Pinterest ad –> opt-in page –> email subscribe OR Pinterest ad –> purchase.

3. Keep each campaign to 1 Promoted Pin: Focus your campaign on a single ad, which will likely drive the most impressions anyway.

Source: 500 startups

Growth Hack #2 – Boost Engagement With Behavioral Targeting:

A recent Harvard Business Review study looked at 188 undergraduate students’ responses to a restaurant’s Groupon offer.

It revealed that people are more likely to engage with an ad that is targeted to them based on behavior, versus either by demographics or apparently not targeted at all.

Essentially, when consumers feel like an ad is meant just for them, they feel special. When they feel special, they’re more likely to engage.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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Growth Hack #3 – Increase Checkouts 24% With Instagram Photos:

Beauty company Vanity Planet A/B tested their product pages by adding Instagram photos.

The pages with customers’ Instagram photos outperformed those without.

The results?
24% more people reached checkout from the pages with the Instagram photos
– Vanity Planet earned an additional $8,900 in sales over 10 days.


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